Friday, October 16, 2015

Martabakku Menteng - Great destination for Martabak lovers!

No one could beat the Martabak trend now a days (Since martabak become the most popular dessert in Indonesia, period). Especially people in Jakarta, could be categorised as a big part of this trend. They extremely love to taste a unique martabak flavour that looks visually appealing. Actually martabak is founded around 1900s and since 2000s people love to do some tweak and modify a whole presentation of it. In case to create a good one. Like martabakku menteng do here it's just really brilliant. They just pushed some usual flavour of martabak and create a new variation for it. So, for every Martabak hunter, feel free to share with me your HONEST opinion about this new place. Let's see!

Martabak Nutella - Ferrero - Cheese
(R) : IDR 65K - IDR 80K (Wisman Butter)
(L) : IDR 95K - IDR 110K (Wisman Butter)

This one totally INSANE! Just look at that topping, and imagine yourself while eating this martabak alone. I bet all of your sadness and the negative feelings could be replace by a positive vibes. A great combination between nutella, ferrero and cheese definitely brilliant. Especially they also add some milk into this martabak, just to make it more sweet and sticky. Maybe it's sounds horribly sweet & fat, but to be honest that's the true fact that you should know folks. I never feel any regret to taste it, because it definitely yummy. Must try!

Martabak Red Velvet - Oreo - Cream Cheese
(R) : IDR 75K - IDR 90K (Wisman Butter)
(L) : IDR 105K - IDR 120K (Wisman Butter)

Did you know the fact that red velvet infused flavour could lifting up your mood? Well, i couldn't lie to you here, this type of martabak definitely taste GREAT. It's just taste right. The martabak is totally dense and heavy, while the topping seems to be light and sweet. Interesting!

Martabak Taro - Oreo - Cream Cheese
Moving on to the new variant of Martabakku Menteng, called Martabak Taro served with Oreo and Cream Cheese. I couldn't believe this type of martabak definitely taste right. The taro infused flavour on that martabak seems to be quiet strong and intense. Lately people always love to eat taro dishes and this could be your option folks.

Martabak Dynamic Duo
Newest menu by Martabakku Menteng called Martabak Dynamic Duo. Basically it's not really up-rated, but it's only looks pretty cool. A combination between the original martabak layer and the pandan one seems taste good, but the topping it's too sweet for me. I not really fit to this folks. But sometimes, we eat by our eyes too. Right folks? ;)

Martabak Coco Java
This type of Martabak is a main symbol of Indonesia (Since they use a palm sugar as the topping of it). But yes, it's totally must try one! I really love how they create a unique martabak menu using local products and surprisingly it taste really nice. The palm sugar has been dominate all of the flavour, while that green layer is quiet dense and light on your mouth. Great idea!

If you dare to taste a lot variant of Martabak, i think this place should be your right destination all the time. Maybe the price of every Martabak is quiet expensive, but it's all worth to try. Somehow i just wondering about the Martabak Nutella - Ferrero - Cheese. It's totally the BEST!

Martabakku Menteng
Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No. 1
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
RSVP: 3915757 / 3912727
Cust. care: (0815) 858 - 88 - 588
Opening hours:
11.00am - 00.00am (Everyday)



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