Friday, October 9, 2015

Jung's Florist - Fresh Flower Bouquet

Flower is the symbol of love and happiness. I really love how they bloom and it smells really fragrant during that time. Every flower have different meanings. Like rose, it means love. Lily means purity & refined beauty, and many more. Whenever i found a freshly decorated hand bouquet, it's simply put a smile in my face. For those who are looking for a fresh and beautiful flower for any occasions, here i got a clue for all of you. Jung's Florist provide you a gorgeous and wonderful flowers for any occasions. Let's look a little further ahead folks!

Lily Bouquet
A wonderful combination between lily and rose totally spark my eyes for a while. The rose is totally fresh, so does the lily. Especially a small amount of baby bread has been added into this bouquet to make it looks even more beautiful than the others. I totally love the playful colour of it also the nice composition between that rose, lily, and baby bread. Also if you notice here, they used a small diamonds on the centre of that roses. It's totally fabulous!

Every woman always love to get a flower from her man. Basically the model on that picture is my one and only woman. I didn't even noticed if she really loved a big hand bouquet like this, but when i give it to her, i can see a beautiful smile on her face. It's definitely the moment that i waiting for. So, now it's your time to sent out this beautiful product for someone who deserve it. Bunch of love folks! XOXO

Jung's Florist
"Fresh Flower Bouquet"
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  1. I wanted something personal and chic, not a 1-800-Flowers type arrangement. The Flower Delivery Near Me picked up the phone, were cordial, knew exactly what I wanted, and very reasonable price. Next day delivery was promised and delivered.