Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Eureca Resto & Cafe - When Healthy Meets Tasty!

When many restaurant offer you a nice and fancy dishes with super expensive prices, this restaurant is still growing up with their simplicity and keep consistent with their trademark about healthiness and tastiness. Basically when i come here for the very first time, it's just remind me about home cook without any worry. They totally define "food" as a healthy part of our life and it supposed to be great. Looking for more details? Simply check this out!

I won't lie to you folks, their ambience is absolutely gorgeous! Look at that folks. Could you imagine yourself while having a plate of Aglio Olio accompanied by a cup of hot tea or even an Ice Coffee? Well, that's my favourite things to do here folks. This kind of view is located on Eureca 2nd floor. Not the 1st floor. That's why i find some issue here. When you comes in into this place, you will pass the 1st floor which is not really nice at all. It's simply crowded and small. Also a kitchen side has been added into this floor to cook your order (Feels like home cook). The ambience on the 1st floor also not really good as the 2nd floor. I don't know why, but it's simply blow my mind for a while. Luckily i could find this kind of view on their 2nd floor and it's simply relaxing for me.

Fettucine Aglio Olio (IDR 45K)
It looks so simple, yes i agree with that. But to be honest, it taste so DAMN DELICIOUS! The pasta itself is cooked perfectly (Al Dante!)  and a very simple seasoning has been added into this dish just to make sure it would be tasty. Where is the healthy part of this dish? No need to be worry folks. They just used a classic or even virgin olive - oil to cooked this and as you know, olive - oil is a healthy ingredients that our body could absorb it faster. Actually the baguette is quiet good, i can feel a buttery flavour of it and another good things here is located on that chicken. The chicken is so juicy and tender. I'm a big fan of Aglio Olio and it's totally easy for me to say "NO" for this typical dish, but back to the reality this dish absolutely wonderful. I couldn't resist this folks!

You will never believe that this place absolutely wonderful. They have a plenty of flowery things along with unique accessories on every corner of their 2nd floor. Every dish seems to be healthy and really affordable. Healthy and tasty is my choice. Don't you?

Eureca Resto & Cafe
Ruko Versailles FB No. 5 BSD
Tangerang, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) 538 - 4856
Price Range: IDR 35K - IDR 65K / Pax
Operational Hours:
06.00am - 09.30pm (Everyday)

Email: aaronhandajani@gmail.com


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