Friday, October 30, 2015

C's Steak & Seafood Restaurant at Grand Hyatt Jakarta - Nordic Cuisine with Chef Jaakko Sorsa

Does Nordic Cuisine sound really strange to you? Actually in Jakarta, we have a lot variety of food and most of all it's all unique & tasty. But somehow we all didn't care about our health by eating those kind of food (Tasty food in Jakarta supposed to be oily, fatty or creamy, sounds horrible but that's TRUE). That's why i try to explain you here, that Nordic Cuisine is a part of HEALTHY food now a days and you need to taste it, because it's simply healthy, pure and tasty! Probably in Jakarta it's quiet hard to find and taste this type of food, but lately i got a chance to find and try it once at Grand Hyatt Jakarta, as they welcoming a Guest Chef Jaakko Sorsa who are the expert on Nordic Cuisine. So, here is a full recap of the event!

Smooth Salmon Soup
Start with the appetizer, they just provide me this. A beautiful and creamy salmon soup served with a chop of petterseli, king crab and dill cucumbers. Actually the soup is quiet creamy and the salmon seems to be cooked perfectly. The only problem that i found here is the flavour quiet flat. Indonesian people like me mostly eat a tasty food every single time and they usually cooked any kind of food by using a lot of seasoning and spices. But somehow i couldn't find it on this dish. I know it's totally different, because it's simply healthy and simple. If they can add more seasoning and spices into it, i bet it could be superb delicious!

Salmon In Six Ways
The next dish that i taste here is Salmon In Six Ways. They called it "Six Ways" because there are 6 slices of salmon that cooked differently and more than that it's all unique. I do love the salmon mousse on the centre of it. It's totally smooth and sticky. Also for the rest, i could recommend you to try the black pepper salmon, which is tasty and full of spices. Great idea chef!

Roots & Mushrooms
Actually this dish is the most colourful dish that i've ever seen lately and it comes from natural ingredients just to make sure it's totally healthy and simple. A minimalist presentation of it, totally impress me for a while. If you ask me about the flavour, it supposed to be delicious and simple. Not overpower, but it's enough.

Duck Breast 'Patrami'
Move on to the main course, Duck Breast 'Patrami' seems to be wonderful. Yes, they are! After i taste it, i won't lie to you that the duck is technically cooked perfectly and a smoked bell pepper sauce definitely gorgeous. Especially they has been added a burned feta cheese on the side of it along with a wonderful garnish on top of it. The presentation was marvellous and this dish definitely blow my mind away. DAYUM!

Slightly Smoked Veal Tenderloin
This is the main highlight for the event. A nicely cooked tenderloin (Actually it's well done!) served with porcini - barley, and black currant sauce absolutely amazing. This is my first time to taste a great steak that served with black currant sauce. I doubt it could be great somehow. But after i taste it, i could take my words back. Basically i just found one issue here which is located on the mac&cheese as the side dish. It's totally dry and the flavour just flat. I think they just forgot to put some salt or any kind of seasoning while cooked it. But overall, it's just fine because the steak was perfect.

'Daim' Parfait
Last but not least, the dessert could be my favourite part for this. 'Daim' Parfait is a combination between meringue, almond, caramel, dark chocolate, white chocolate, red berries, and spruce needles. I just know the caramel sauce is crafted by Christmas Tree! So, in winter country, they usually eat this along with red wine. Just to cooling down their body for a while. The flavour just nice and i could finish it less than 5 minutes. That's mean, it's absolutely wonderful and delicious!

Nordic Cuisine with Chef Jaakko Sorsa
IDR 1.200.000++ / Pax

Overall this event was absolutely nice. I learn a simple philosophy about Nordic Cuisine and surprisingly i really love Nordic Cuisine since i taste it for the very first time at this event. Hopefully i could find another one in Jakarta. Let's try folks!

C's Steak & Seafood Restaurant 
Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta (Level. 4)
Jl. M. H. Tahmrin Kav. 28 - 30
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia 10350
RSVP: (021) 299 - 21 - 234
Operational Hours:
12.00pm - 3.00pm (Lunch)
6.00pm - 11.00pm (Dinner)
11.30am - 3.00pm (Sunday Brunch)
Dresscode: Smart Casuals (No shorts, bermudas, and flip - flops)



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