Saturday, October 31, 2015

IKEA Restaurant - Home for the Meatballs!

I never get bored with IKEA. Since they are open in Indonesia on mid 2014, i found a lot of generous comment for it also a continual improvement for their kitchen. I wouldn't talk about their unusual and cheap furniture, but let me introduce you some kind of food that you need to try whenever you plan a visit to this furniture store. Check this out!

Swedish Meatballs with Cranberry Sauce (IDR 40K / 10 pieces)
This is the main highlight of IKEA called Swedish Meatballs. Actually the meatballs is hand made and i do love the chewy little texture on it. The meat is absolutely juicy and tasty. More than that it's totally delicious, despite the fact it just looks really minimalist and simple. Actually the mashed potatoes quiet dense and heavy, technically it seems lack of flour and too much potatoes on it. But i really happy to find that cranberry sauce. It's simply taste unique when you combine all of that food into one single bites. Must try!

Swedish Poached Salmon with Chive Sauce (IDR 70K)
It's simply MARVELLOUS! The salmon was cooked perfectly and a pink colour on the centre define a good texture of it. The chive sauce seems to be quiet sticky and surprisingly it taste pretty good. I really love how they combine that salmon with the chive sauce to create a balance flavour and texture of this dish. Along with that, they gonna served you a mashed potato and fresh vegetables just in case you'll ask for the side dish. 

Ayam Panggang Taliwang (IDR 50K)
Who's up for Indonesian cuisine? I bet everyone of you gonna love this. A nicely grilled chicken served with sambal and lettuce called Ayam Panggang Taliwang. I agree if it looks really simple, but to be honest the chicken is so BIG! I could tell you here, they'll served you a big part of chicken leg and i guarantee it wouldn't make you feel hungry anymore. The sambal is pretty hot and i'm a part of "sambalholic", which is really suitable with that red sauce. Absolutely great!

Fish and Chips (IDR 70K)
My FAVOURITE part is here! There is nothing more british, rather than Fish and Chips. Actually the fish was perfectly cooked, it's absolutely crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I do love the french fries as well, which is thicker and longer. Especially a garlic mayo on side seems work really well when you combine it with the fish or the fries. Whenever it looks really huge, i bet you wouldn't say enough after you taste it. Sadly they only served this during lunch time and it could be once a week (Mostly on weekdays. Random). So, if you come to this place and see this menu on their list, make sure to order it while it last!

Overall, IKEA Restaurant is absolutely brilliant. I saw so many people walk into IKEA just to taste their restaurant. I do love their furniture as well, because it's really affordable for sure (Most of my properties comes from this place). For those who are loving this place and agree with my words, feel free to put a comment below here and say your honest opinion about this. Enjoy!

IKEA Indonesia
Jl. Jalur Sutera Boulevard Kav. 45
Alam Sutera, Serpong
Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia
Phone: (021) 298 - 53 - 900
Price Range: IDR 40K - IDR 80K / Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)


Friday, October 30, 2015

C's Steak & Seafood Restaurant at Grand Hyatt Jakarta - Nordic Cuisine with Chef Jaakko Sorsa

Does Nordic Cuisine sound really strange to you? Actually in Jakarta, we have a lot variety of food and most of all it's all unique & tasty. But somehow we all didn't care about our health by eating those kind of food (Tasty food in Jakarta supposed to be oily, fatty or creamy, sounds horrible but that's TRUE). That's why i try to explain you here, that Nordic Cuisine is a part of HEALTHY food now a days and you need to taste it, because it's simply healthy, pure and tasty! Probably in Jakarta it's quiet hard to find and taste this type of food, but lately i got a chance to find and try it once at Grand Hyatt Jakarta, as they welcoming a Guest Chef Jaakko Sorsa who are the expert on Nordic Cuisine. So, here is a full recap of the event!

Smooth Salmon Soup
Start with the appetizer, they just provide me this. A beautiful and creamy salmon soup served with a chop of petterseli, king crab and dill cucumbers. Actually the soup is quiet creamy and the salmon seems to be cooked perfectly. The only problem that i found here is the flavour quiet flat. Indonesian people like me mostly eat a tasty food every single time and they usually cooked any kind of food by using a lot of seasoning and spices. But somehow i couldn't find it on this dish. I know it's totally different, because it's simply healthy and simple. If they can add more seasoning and spices into it, i bet it could be superb delicious!

Salmon In Six Ways
The next dish that i taste here is Salmon In Six Ways. They called it "Six Ways" because there are 6 slices of salmon that cooked differently and more than that it's all unique. I do love the salmon mousse on the centre of it. It's totally smooth and sticky. Also for the rest, i could recommend you to try the black pepper salmon, which is tasty and full of spices. Great idea chef!

Roots & Mushrooms
Actually this dish is the most colourful dish that i've ever seen lately and it comes from natural ingredients just to make sure it's totally healthy and simple. A minimalist presentation of it, totally impress me for a while. If you ask me about the flavour, it supposed to be delicious and simple. Not overpower, but it's enough.

Duck Breast 'Patrami'
Move on to the main course, Duck Breast 'Patrami' seems to be wonderful. Yes, they are! After i taste it, i won't lie to you that the duck is technically cooked perfectly and a smoked bell pepper sauce definitely gorgeous. Especially they has been added a burned feta cheese on the side of it along with a wonderful garnish on top of it. The presentation was marvellous and this dish definitely blow my mind away. DAYUM!

Slightly Smoked Veal Tenderloin
This is the main highlight for the event. A nicely cooked tenderloin (Actually it's well done!) served with porcini - barley, and black currant sauce absolutely amazing. This is my first time to taste a great steak that served with black currant sauce. I doubt it could be great somehow. But after i taste it, i could take my words back. Basically i just found one issue here which is located on the mac&cheese as the side dish. It's totally dry and the flavour just flat. I think they just forgot to put some salt or any kind of seasoning while cooked it. But overall, it's just fine because the steak was perfect.

'Daim' Parfait
Last but not least, the dessert could be my favourite part for this. 'Daim' Parfait is a combination between meringue, almond, caramel, dark chocolate, white chocolate, red berries, and spruce needles. I just know the caramel sauce is crafted by Christmas Tree! So, in winter country, they usually eat this along with red wine. Just to cooling down their body for a while. The flavour just nice and i could finish it less than 5 minutes. That's mean, it's absolutely wonderful and delicious!

Nordic Cuisine with Chef Jaakko Sorsa
IDR 1.200.000++ / Pax

Overall this event was absolutely nice. I learn a simple philosophy about Nordic Cuisine and surprisingly i really love Nordic Cuisine since i taste it for the very first time at this event. Hopefully i could find another one in Jakarta. Let's try folks!

C's Steak & Seafood Restaurant 
Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta (Level. 4)
Jl. M. H. Tahmrin Kav. 28 - 30
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia 10350
RSVP: (021) 299 - 21 - 234
Operational Hours:
12.00pm - 3.00pm (Lunch)
6.00pm - 11.00pm (Dinner)
11.30am - 3.00pm (Sunday Brunch)
Dresscode: Smart Casuals (No shorts, bermudas, and flip - flops)


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Eureca Resto & Cafe - When Healthy Meets Tasty!

When many restaurant offer you a nice and fancy dishes with super expensive prices, this restaurant is still growing up with their simplicity and keep consistent with their trademark about healthiness and tastiness. Basically when i come here for the very first time, it's just remind me about home cook without any worry. They totally define "food" as a healthy part of our life and it supposed to be great. Looking for more details? Simply check this out!

I won't lie to you folks, their ambience is absolutely gorgeous! Look at that folks. Could you imagine yourself while having a plate of Aglio Olio accompanied by a cup of hot tea or even an Ice Coffee? Well, that's my favourite things to do here folks. This kind of view is located on Eureca 2nd floor. Not the 1st floor. That's why i find some issue here. When you comes in into this place, you will pass the 1st floor which is not really nice at all. It's simply crowded and small. Also a kitchen side has been added into this floor to cook your order (Feels like home cook). The ambience on the 1st floor also not really good as the 2nd floor. I don't know why, but it's simply blow my mind for a while. Luckily i could find this kind of view on their 2nd floor and it's simply relaxing for me.

Fettucine Aglio Olio (IDR 45K)
It looks so simple, yes i agree with that. But to be honest, it taste so DAMN DELICIOUS! The pasta itself is cooked perfectly (Al Dante!)  and a very simple seasoning has been added into this dish just to make sure it would be tasty. Where is the healthy part of this dish? No need to be worry folks. They just used a classic or even virgin olive - oil to cooked this and as you know, olive - oil is a healthy ingredients that our body could absorb it faster. Actually the baguette is quiet good, i can feel a buttery flavour of it and another good things here is located on that chicken. The chicken is so juicy and tender. I'm a big fan of Aglio Olio and it's totally easy for me to say "NO" for this typical dish, but back to the reality this dish absolutely wonderful. I couldn't resist this folks!

You will never believe that this place absolutely wonderful. They have a plenty of flowery things along with unique accessories on every corner of their 2nd floor. Every dish seems to be healthy and really affordable. Healthy and tasty is my choice. Don't you?

Eureca Resto & Cafe
Ruko Versailles FB No. 5 BSD
Tangerang, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) 538 - 4856
Price Range: IDR 35K - IDR 65K / Pax
Operational Hours:
06.00am - 09.30pm (Everyday)


Sunday, October 25, 2015

What to EAT on BAZAAR?

Bazaar is absolutely become a current trends in F&B Industry especially in Jakarta. Mostly every single week, they are a lot variety of bazaar hosted by different event organizer. And guess what? Surprisingly for every bazaar that i've been attend until now, there are more than 15 food stalls that you could taste for a while. Maybe it sounds so big, but to be honest there are just a few food stalls that deserve your kind attention folks. So, which one? No need to be worry. Let me guide you here!

1. Dogkyo

Bakuhotsu (IDR 40K)

Dogkyo Magnitude (IDR 40K)

These type of hotdogs is definitely the best on bazaar. It's not only huge from the size, but the flavour is also big. The sausage is freshly cooked every time you order it and it's simply taste crunchy and juicy. On the other hand, a lot of additional topping on top definitely wonderful. I totally recommend you the Dokgyo Magnitude. A nicely cooked sausage mixed with tonkatsu sauce, japanese mayo, buttered corn, and katsuobushi. Get ready to be messy with this!

2. Gordon

Any variant donuts (IDR 15K / piece)
Whenever you feel bad about your day, i think this donuts could be your best companion to cheer you up for a while. The donuts itself is so freh, they just cooked it by request and the additional topping would be covered in front of your eyes. No more doubt to say, it's simply great (Whenever it sounds freakin expensive to say),

3. House Of Potato

BBQ with Cheesy Mayo
Who's up for French Fries? I think everyone gonna love this. A beautifully cooked french fries mixed with BBQ sauce and topped with cheesy mayo definitely DAYUM. Basically it looks so simple, but behind this kind of presentation there are a lot of potential to be discover folks.

4. Chick In Cup

Korean Original Red Sauce 
A new flavour from Chick In Cup definitely must try. The sauce is simply thick and super tasty. I won't lie to you here, it's quiet similar with Kkuldak but somehow it taste different. They gonna served the chicken with rice or fries. Just choose which one do you want and put your order on their booth. 

5. Bakmi Endut

Special - Campur
It's noodle time! Basically there a lot of booth on bazaar who offer me their type of noodle, but this noodle just attract me for a while. Yes, my friends do recommend me to taste it. Won't lie to you, this noodle is not really good at all. I don't know why, my friends of mine have this type of noodle in a very nice way, but my one taste really horrible. Maybe they just forget to put some seasonings on it, and the noodle is totally dry. They need to fixed it (My friends order this and it taste superb good, that's mean it's not consistent at all).

6. Leafbar

Pink October
Start off your day by having a healthy yet delicious cold press juice by Leafbar. Basically it looks really cool with a glassy bottle of it and don't know why i, the pink colour of it totally attract my eyes for a while (Especially when it's chilled). Well, if you ask me how about the flavour of it. To be honest, it's surprisingly taste so damn good! The juice is so fresh, and if you know they can mixed 5 different fruits into one bottle just to create a KING flavour for you folks. Definitely your right choice to be happy and healthy!

7. Kokonat

Halloween Special Edition
It's October already, and that's mean Halloween is here. A freshly coconut water infused by orange jelly it's totally refreshing. I do love how they packed it nicely and the taste of their product definitely great. Noted!

Well, i already taste more than 25 food stalls from any kind of bazaar until now and to be honest here is the top 7 to be taste for a while. It's all looks unique and sometimes the only weakness from every booth here is located on the consistency of their product. Just keep focus on creating a good product and every customer will came back for more. Let's try folks!


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Flow Coffee - Hidden Coffee Shop with Great Ambience!

This week is totally fun. I have a lot of free time to do my own things also to discover a bright and iconic coffee shop in Tangerang area. The main reason why i choose Tangerang, just because in Jakarta the traffic is totally insane lately. So it's a very good idea to escape from here and move a little bit far to Gading Serpong, a very nice district of Tangerang that offer you a lot variety of cafe and coffee shops. Me recently just checked out this cool and minimalist coffee shop called Flow Coffee. Looking for mor details? Check this out pals!

It's start from a very minimalist concept of interior design. I do love this concept somehow. A combination between white sofa and wooden furniture totally attract me whenever i enter this coffee shop. Also they provide you a lot variety of books and magazine about coffee or lifestyle just to make sure you feel really comfort and relax during that time. 

Coffee Latte 
You'll never go wrong with Latte folks. Basically the coffee that they offer here is quiet strong and intense. In the first sip, you will taste an aromatic also fruity flavour of their coffee also the sweetness of the milk and foam. Especially a classic latte art has been made during this time. Totally worth to try!

Taro Latte
A sweetness of the taro powder blend really well with the creamy foam on top, well that's the definition of good Taro Latte. Actually the sweetness level of this Taro Latte could be horrible somehow, so the only point that i need to tell you here is the adjustment of that sweetness level should be happened before many customers try it. But if you like sweet and couldn't drink coffee anymore, i think Taro Latte is really suitable with you folks.

Overall this place totally great for a while. I do enjoy every single cup that i taste here (Just forget the sweetness level of that Taro Latte). Also i really like to take some picture about ambience and outfit of the day (ootd they called!). That's me on the frame by the way. Pardon my face for a while, but critics and comment are very welcome. By the way, thank you to my woman who take a good picture of me during our visit on that day. Bunch of love! XOXO

Flow Coffee
Jl. Boulevard Raya Gading Serpong
Ruko Blitz Blok B No. 6
Tangerang, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) 716 - 51 - 1989
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 08.00pm (Everyday)


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ommahomemade - Premium Crispy Potato

Cracker is essential now a days. When you have nothing to do, probably you gonna go with many dvd's along with the cracker as well. Especially for Indonesian citizens, they couldn't eat their meal without cracker. Like Nasi Uduk, Nasi Kuning or even Nasi Goreng, sometimes many restaurants could served it with any type of cracker. That's why if you live in Indonesia, you gonna find a lot variant of crackers and mostly it's all unique. But lately i just feel lazy to taste a common cracker with  boring flavour and for me it's quiet hard to find another option for that category. But when my friend offer me this product and ask me to taste it, i don't know why it's totally interesting for me. And guess what? When i taste this, it's totally delicious and crispy. I couldn't lie to you here, this product absolutely deserve your attention folks. Check this out!

Ommahomemade Crispy Potato 
(*available in two different flavour: shrimp & spicy shrimp*)
A beautiful and wonderful potato cracker by Ommahomemade definitely must try. This cracker definitely attract me for a while because the packaging of it is so nice also the flavour & the texture of this cracker, it's just perfect. I really love the crispness level of it and i can feel a right amount of seasoning has been added into this cracker to make it tasty also delicious. Actually this crispy potato is quiet salty, so mostly many restaurants who used this product probably served it with another menu like Nasi Goreng, Nasi Kuning, or even Bakso Ayam.

Nasi Uduk (*using Ommahomemade Crispy Potato*)
Basically if you paired this product with any type of meal, it could be suitable enough in your mouth. Because the crispy potato is quiet salty and totally tasty, so whenever it comes with any typical Indonesian dishes like this it supposed to be a great side dish or even a right topping just to make it more flavory and great. 

No more doubt to say, this product absolutely my favourite. I could eat two package of it just by myself during this time (Since i do a review for this product, suddenly i feel craving for it). And for your info, actually Ommahomemade crispy potato have two different sizes which is regular and large.   So, make sure think twice before order it. Because it's totally addicting! 

Ommahomade Crispy Potato
"Original Secret Recipe"
Order: (0812) 985 - 28 - 222
(Monday - Friday from 07.00am until 05.00pm)


Friday, October 16, 2015

Martabakku Menteng - Great destination for Martabak lovers!

No one could beat the Martabak trend now a days (Since martabak become the most popular dessert in Indonesia, period). Especially people in Jakarta, could be categorised as a big part of this trend. They extremely love to taste a unique martabak flavour that looks visually appealing. Actually martabak is founded around 1900s and since 2000s people love to do some tweak and modify a whole presentation of it. In case to create a good one. Like martabakku menteng do here it's just really brilliant. They just pushed some usual flavour of martabak and create a new variation for it. So, for every Martabak hunter, feel free to share with me your HONEST opinion about this new place. Let's see!

Martabak Nutella - Ferrero - Cheese
(R) : IDR 65K - IDR 80K (Wisman Butter)
(L) : IDR 95K - IDR 110K (Wisman Butter)

This one totally INSANE! Just look at that topping, and imagine yourself while eating this martabak alone. I bet all of your sadness and the negative feelings could be replace by a positive vibes. A great combination between nutella, ferrero and cheese definitely brilliant. Especially they also add some milk into this martabak, just to make it more sweet and sticky. Maybe it's sounds horribly sweet & fat, but to be honest that's the true fact that you should know folks. I never feel any regret to taste it, because it definitely yummy. Must try!

Martabak Red Velvet - Oreo - Cream Cheese
(R) : IDR 75K - IDR 90K (Wisman Butter)
(L) : IDR 105K - IDR 120K (Wisman Butter)

Did you know the fact that red velvet infused flavour could lifting up your mood? Well, i couldn't lie to you here, this type of martabak definitely taste GREAT. It's just taste right. The martabak is totally dense and heavy, while the topping seems to be light and sweet. Interesting!

Martabak Taro - Oreo - Cream Cheese
Moving on to the new variant of Martabakku Menteng, called Martabak Taro served with Oreo and Cream Cheese. I couldn't believe this type of martabak definitely taste right. The taro infused flavour on that martabak seems to be quiet strong and intense. Lately people always love to eat taro dishes and this could be your option folks.

Martabak Dynamic Duo
Newest menu by Martabakku Menteng called Martabak Dynamic Duo. Basically it's not really up-rated, but it's only looks pretty cool. A combination between the original martabak layer and the pandan one seems taste good, but the topping it's too sweet for me. I not really fit to this folks. But sometimes, we eat by our eyes too. Right folks? ;)

Martabak Coco Java
This type of Martabak is a main symbol of Indonesia (Since they use a palm sugar as the topping of it). But yes, it's totally must try one! I really love how they create a unique martabak menu using local products and surprisingly it taste really nice. The palm sugar has been dominate all of the flavour, while that green layer is quiet dense and light on your mouth. Great idea!

If you dare to taste a lot variant of Martabak, i think this place should be your right destination all the time. Maybe the price of every Martabak is quiet expensive, but it's all worth to try. Somehow i just wondering about the Martabak Nutella - Ferrero - Cheese. It's totally the BEST!

Martabakku Menteng
Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No. 1
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
RSVP: 3915757 / 3912727
Cust. care: (0815) 858 - 88 - 588
Opening hours:
11.00am - 00.00am (Everyday)