Tuesday, September 15, 2015

JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta - Full Moon Splendor!

Mid autumn festival is already near! Whenever i enter this new season, one thing that i always looking for is Mooncake. Mooncake is the symbol of chinese tradition for every country now a days. Elders people believe, having Mooncake during this time would bring us a lot of happiness, joy, and prosperity. That's why so many people always love this, and for every chinese people in this world including me having a Mooncake once a year is a must. If you still confused about what type of Mooncake now a days and where's to find it. Here's a big news for you guys. Check this out!

White Lotus Paste with Black Sesame

Custard Milk Mooncake

Basically here is the signature Mooncake at Pearl Chinese Restaurant, JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta. Executive Chinese Chef John Chu introduce this new Mooncake for everyone who love to try it. I definitely love how this Mooncake have a wonderful filling inside of it. Especially the presentation was nice, it's totally makes me drool all the time. 

Chocolate with Custard Milk
Who can't resist chocolate? Especially when it comes with the custard milk? Well, no one i guess! I couldn't believe that this Mooncake absolutely have a wonderful flavour for sure. In the first bite of it, i can feel that this Mooncake was totally dense and that custard milk filling suddenly dominate all the flavour of it. But another good things here is that chocolate layer absolutely not too sweet and have a light unique flavour to blend really well with that filling. Definitely great!

Baked Small Red Bean Paste
Red Bean always be my favourite things whenever it comes with Mooncake. It's simply dense and sweet at the same time. Basically Red Bean Paste is the older Mooncake filling since it become more popular like now. Even my parents always love this kind of Mooncake and for them the "legendary" one always be the best. I believe them. Period

Pricelist for Mooncakes (Up-to-date)!

 1. Large Bamboo Charcoal with Pandan Coconut IDR 488K/4pcs or IDR 88K/pc

 2. Small Bamboo Charcoal with Pandan Coconut IDR 468K/4pcs or IDR 58K/pc

 3. Baked Large White Lotus with Single Yolk IDR 488K/4pcs or IDR 88K/pc

 4. Baked Small White Lotus with Yolk IDR 468K/4pcs or IDR 58K/pc

 5. Baked Large Red Bean Paste IDR 488K/4pcs or IDR 88K/pc

 6. Baked Small Red Bean Paste IDR 468K/4pcs or IDR 58K/pc

 7. Large Chocolate with Custard Milk IDR 488K/4pcs or IDR 88K/pc

 8. Small Chocolate with Custard Milk IDR 468K/4pcs or IDR 58K/pc

 9. Large White Lotus with Black Sesame IDR 488K/4pcs or IDR 88K/pc

 10. Small White Lotus with Black Sesame IDR 468K/4pcs or IDR 58K/pc

 11. Baked Large White Lotus with Double Yolk IDR 488K/4pcs or IDR 88K/pc

 12. Baked Small White Lotus Plain IDR 468K/4pcs or IDR 58K/pc  

BBQ Charsiew Chicken with Carrot Mantou
After trying all the Mooncake, here is the time for me and another blogger to savour the Chinese dishes that have been served by JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta. So, let's start with this. BBQ Charsiew Chicken is a very nice treat during this event. The chicken is cooked perfectly, until it's totally juicy and tender. Especially a simple spices and that wonderful presentation gonna indulge everyone else for a while. Meanwhile, the Carrot Mantao that served with this chicken is taste quite good as well. But one thing that they missed here is the texture of that Mantao which is quite hard and a little bit cold. If they can fix this, i bet it would be taste perfect!

Peking Duck
Actually i'm not really in to duck dishes. But when i got a chance to taste this, suddenly that kind of feeling suddenly disappear. I totally love how they served this duck right in front of me. Especially the duck is pretty satisfying in terms of flavour and texture. The meat is totally juicy and tender and a simple spices has been added into that duck to create a wonderful flavour of it. Also they will added a little touch of dark brown sauce to boost up the whole flavour of it. Definitely stunning!

Poached Cantonese Chicken Dumpling with Vegetables
This one absolutely wonderful. A perfectly cooked wonton with wonderful filling inside of it. I can feel the chicken was minced nicely and a simple spices has been added into it. First bite of it, you'll taste a great flavour of it. Second bite of it, you'll ask for more. Totally great!

Mango Pudding
Move on to the desserts, i totally impressed with this. The freshness layer of mango blend really well with the sweetness layer of pudding to create a wonderful flavour of this dessert. Especially the presentation was totally nice. Totally worth to try!

Fruit Tart
Believe it or not, Strawberry is packed with antioxidant and it's offer a wide range of health benefits. Regarding to that fact, i totally love to eat the Strawberry even it's presented by cake or tart. Fruit Tart that JW Marriot Hotel Jakarta served here was totally great. I can feel two different layer could be stand out on my mouth. First layer is the sweetness of caramelized strawberry and second layer is the crunchiness of tart layer. Absolutely wonderful!

I totally love chinese dishes since i was child. Because in chinese dishes there's a lot of flavour to be taste for. Well, whenever my friend ask me my place-to-go for chinese restaurant it would be Pearl Chinese Restaurant and Shang Palace. You can compare both of them and choose which one do you want. But overall, having a food tasting here was totally awesome. Keep up the good work JW Marriot Hotel Jakarta!

Pearl Chinese Restaurant 
JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta
Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gede Agung Kav. E. 1. 2 No 1 & 2
Kawasan Mega Kuningan
Jakarta, 12950
RSVP: (021) - 57988888
Price Range: Above IDR 100.000/pax
Dresscode: Casual & Formal
Operational Hours: 11.30am - 14.30pm (Brunch)
                                18.00pm - 22.00pm (Dinner)
Open Everday (Sunday - Monday)

Email: aaronhandajani@gmail.com


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