Saturday, September 12, 2015

Holy Smokes - Slow Smoked BBQ!

For those who are looking for authentic and delightful BBQ restaurant in Jakarta, well i must say that this spot absolutely deserved your attention. Ersons Food as the part of Indonesia's F&B company simply create this unique and wonderful concept of the Texas BBQ restaurant to be enjoyed by Jakarta citizens. Cool yet minimalist that's the main point of this restaurant. Basically i totally impressed how they create a nice method to cooked and grilled the meat by using "low n' slow" technique. They can cooked the meat for more than 6 hours to make it more juicy and tender. Don't you ever imagine how was the taste of it? So here is the details, check this out buddy!

All in one place to enjoy the food and spent your time with the lovely one. Basically with a minimalist and rustic concept of dining room, Holy Smokes definitely a good place to hangout and chill with your friend while having a great meal all over the time.

Let's start with this. A rustic and delightful Salad at Holy Smokes absolutely entertaining. A fresh ingredients mixed with a chop of juicy and tender chicken gonna put a big smile in your face. Well, we are still at the appetizer section folks. Prepare a big space for your tummy after this! XOXO

Smokey Beef Brisket (IDR 142K)
A slice of premium and juicy meat is ready to served you here. Beef brisket is cooked for more than 14 hours at the oven to create a chewy little texture of it while the meat still juicy and tender at the same time. First bite of it, you gonna enjoy a smokey and wonderful flavour, and for the rest you will "melt" for it. Definitely gorgeous!

Texas Short Ribs (IDR 278K)
Wohoo the best ribs in town is finally reveal! A signature short ribs of Holy Smokes absolutely amazing. The meat is simply soft, dense and heavy while you can enjoy the smokey and tasty flavour of it. I couldn't believe that they cooked the meat for more than 6 hours, because it's only takes 15 minutes for them to served you this. Thumbs up!

Southern Style Beef Ribs (IDR 263K)
Another great dishes from Holy Smokes is right here. Basically this meat is a more chewy and soft. I totally impressed how the meat is so tender until it's easily left that bone. A small slice of it is never enough!

BBQ Chicken (IDR 150K)
Yes, almost is never enough. So here is the big things just for you buddy! A great and well seasoning chicken with a juicy and wonderful texture of it. Another good things here is the chicken skin absolutely crispy and a little touch of BBQ sauce could boost up the whole flavour of it. For those who ask for chicken, here is a very great option for you!

Actually whenever you come to Holy Smokes, they will served you some kind of sauces to be enjoyed with their signature dishes. The ol' smoky bbq sauce absolutely wonderful (PS: Noted!). So overall,  when we talk about Smoked, it should be depends on how long you cooked that meat and how is the quality of that meat. I can feel that the meat is really fresh and have a premium quality as well. Then for the cooking method, there is a lot of potential that Holy Smokes provides you here. When the meat is cooked perfectly, you don't need any special dressing or even seasoning for it. Because the flavour is comes out from that meat. WELCOME TO THE SCENE HOLY SMOKES! XOXO

Holy Smokes
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 27, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan, 12180
RSVP: (0857) - 11234543 - Rika Fardani as the Marketing Manager
Price Estimate: IDR 100K - IDR 250K / Person
Operational Hours: 
11.30am - 23.00pm (Everyday)
Dresscode: - 


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