Saturday, September 5, 2015

Gala Dinner with Celebrity Chef Edward Kwon at Shangrila Hotel, Jakarta

Unforgetable experience for sure! Actually i already know this chef, since his name become more popular lately. Having a korean restaurant in Seoul, Morocco, and any other countries is a part of his plan to proof his passion and qualities in the world culinary industries. And luckily, at this moment, he got a plan to visit Jakarta and providing some delightful cuisine which is a set menu of 5 courses. The authenticity of korean taste and a little touch of western dressing would be served here. Well, you just couldn't imagine how was it taste, Right folks?! So do I! Another good things here is, i got the invitation to taste it and share it with all of you right now. Wohoo, it's more than a honour to meet and greet with this celebrity chef and try his great signature dishes all the time. So, it's time to reveal all of them. Check this out!

Picture speak more than words! There are more than 250 guest here including some special guest. Could you guess who is the special guest?! Basuki Tjahja Purnama as known as AHOK! His reputation as a Jakarta governor is totally amazing, he could handle this big and lovely city within his two hands and his skills. By the way, back to the topics, actually he is a very special guest in this event. But i don't know why, i couldn't see him in a person. Maybe he's too private?! Well, you could answer it by yourself. What a wonderful crowd!

Soft Bean Curd (Served with Penfolds Bin 51, Riesling, 2013)
Let's start with the appetizer. A fresh and soft bean curd that served with korean herbs, black sesame dressing and crispy garlic. What a beautiful combination between three main ingredients to create one stunning flavour. Taste so good!

Rice Veloute (Served with Penfolds Bin 51, Riesling, 2013)
If you are looking for the unusual things like soup and sweet, then this dish gonna be your right answer. A healthy soup served with potato pearl, sweet potato cream and pine nut absolutely sweet and creamy. I'm not really in for the taste of this, but some people really enjoying so much. Maybe because it's sweet, and for me soup should be salty and aromatic, so it's not really fit with my taste. But overall, it's totally unique!

Hae Mul Nang Chae (Served with Penfolds Bin 2, Shiraz Mourvedre/Mataro, 2013)
This dish was a great example that combining an original taste of korean food with a simple western dressing. A korean - style ceviche, mustard dressing and tiger prawn & scallop, perilla dressing was taste so fresh. I can feel the tiger prawn and scallop was live in my mouth for a single spoon of it, and that mustard sauce totally rock the flavour. Great idea chef!

Kalbi Steak (Served with Penfolds Bin 389, Cabernet Shiraz, 2012)
This one definitely SCRUMPTIOUS! The meat was cooked perfectly until they call it medium rare. A small slice of it could proof you that this steak have a wonderful seasoning as well, i can feel a right amount of salt and pepper has been added into that meat. Especially that kimchi chutney, pommel puree and root vegetables taste so great and could boost up the flavour of that meat. Chef, can i order one more please?! :p

Yuzu Curd
This is the last things before we end up the night, a sweet and delightful korean dessert with an ultimate presentation and flavour. I couldn't believe that black sesame paste was taste so great. It's not to sweet, but it's just balanced. The other good things here is the bokbunja chiffon cake was taste really soft and airy. Great concept chef, wouldn't feel any regret about this!

Overall, i really enjoy this event so much. I could mingle with my foodies friends and get more closer with the chef Edward Kwon. Especially the food that he served here was totally awesome and a decision to choose Shangrila Hotel, Jakarta as the first destination for his culinary journey in Jakarta such a great idea. Please come back again chef and i would taste another good dishes from you. Cheers!

Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta
Kota BNI
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1
Jakarta, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) - 29229999
Dresscode: Smart Casual, No slipers & Formal



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