Monday, September 28, 2015

OH LA LA Cafe - Brunch In The City hosted by Smithies!

OH LA LA Cafe is part of the oldest Cafe in Jakarta. Since i was child, i really love to taste their Croissant which is so crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. But now, they already create another masterpiece here, a combination between western and french cuisine. Basically western and french cuisine have a similarity between texture and flavour. Like pasta they called it AL - DANTE if it's really satisfying in terms of flavour & texture. Then, if we talk about the presentation actually western and french cuisine supposed to be presented in a very nice way. Well, that's my favourite part for sure. Enough to say about the philosophy, now it's time to find more details about this place. Check this out!

Granola & Yoghurt Parfait
For a start, Granola & Yoghurt Parfait absolutely DABOMB. A fresh and healthy yoghurt served with a layer of granola and a chop of colourful fruit on top of it definitely taste so great. In Jakarta there are so many typical yoghurt and granola dishes like this, but to find a good one is quite hard for me and surely i will recommend this place to you because of their Granola & Yoghurt Parfait. Must try!

Eggs Benedict
Yes, Eggs Benedict is my favourite breakfast for sure. It's totally full of protein, medium level of karbo and fat as well. When i go for brunch somewhere, i'll put this on my order list. Actually the one that OH LA LA Cafe served here is quiet satisfying in terms of flavour and texture. The flavour is quiet strong, i can feel they used a lot of seasoning for this and if we talk about the texture, the egg is simply melting, but unfortunately it's already cold when i taste it. They need to fixed this for sure.

Fish En Papilote
Fish and Salad are the staple in French context. That's why OH LA LA Cafe provided you this Fish En Papilote. A fresh and boneless fish fillet served with colourful vegetable and soup to create an aromatic & wonderful flavour of it. Beside that, a simple Salad would be added into this dish just to create a wonderful presentation of it. If you ask me how is the flavour & texture of it, basically i can tell you here that the fish is so great, they cooked it perfectly and a simple seasoning successfully increase the flavour of it. Great idea!

Rotisserie Chicken
OH LA LA Cafe Rotisserie Chicken is one of the biggest dish i've ever seen lately. Could you imagine a baked half chicken served right in front of you? Then you should try this. Basically the chicken was grilled nicely, it's simply juicy and tender. The sauce it's quiet good, not overpower at all. You could enjoy this dish with two or even three person at the same time. 

OHLALA signature cakes
You wouldn't leave this place, without having a sweet little treats. Desserts always be my favourite part for every meal. Actually every single desserts that they served here taste really good. If they used "signature" words on it, that's mean you must try it. I just recommend you to try the Choux one and Carrot Cake as well. It's absolutely taste GREAT!

Beside the food tasting event. They gather some food stylist workshop to introduce us as the invitees to do a proper food stylist concept using a fancy and unique property. Overall, i really happy to attend this event and having a really great time there. Let's try folks!

Setiabudi One
Jl. HR Rasuna Said
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) 520 - 3140
Price Range: IDR 60K - IDR 100K / Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)


Friday, September 25, 2015

Bottega Ristorante - 2nd Anniversarry of JKTGO!

Celebrating the 2nd anniversary of JKTGO, the Co - Founder of JKTGO called Ian Eryanto launched the JKT Society event at Bottega Ristorante to gather all the influencer in social media industry based from Jakarta. Basically influencer in social media industry could be categorized into "young entrepreneur", a person who organizes and operates a business, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. Every person who comes in into this party should be taking a yellow dress code and mingle with each other. Well, this is a short recap of our party last week. Enjoy!

What a wonderful view all over the night. I could tell you here a yellow decoration on every corner of this area simply looks fabulous and for your info all of this decoration organised by Cotton Tail, an expert vendor for any kind of decoration. Noted!

Before we head up to the main party, JKTGO provided us a fine dining experience with a signature set menu from Bottega Ristorante. Also they put our name for the table setting to make it more tidy and private. Love that fonts by the way!

Pumpkin Soup
Let's start with this. A fresh and minimal presentation of Pumpkin Soup taste so standard. I could tell you here, that Pumpkin Soup is totally taste salty and that simple decoration on top didn't give some positive contribution to boost up the whole flavour of this dish. Bottega Ristorante need to fixed this.

Grilled Salmon
Move on to the main course, basically this salmon taste really great. I can feel the salmon was grilled perfectly and every layer of that salmon taste so moist and lovely. But the only things that i need to argue about is because that colourful vegetable on the base of that salmon taste not so fresh and i couldn't get the main flavour of that sauce (PS: Maybe it's just a decoration, but it supposed to be flavory or at least tasty!). I just enjoy that whole salmon by the way.

The best food in Bottega Ristorante belong to Tiramisu! I totally love this so damn much. Every layer seems work really well in my mouth. Actually this tiramisu taste not too sweet, a chocolate topping on the base of it simply boost up the whole flavour of that Tiramisu. Especially the presentation was totally nice. Couldn't ask for more!

After we finished all of that dishes, finally we start the party folks! The next day after i do a party, i need to have a bed rest (PS: Freakin tired!). But by the way, i really enjoy this event so much. Thank you JKTGO who invited me to join this event, i really have a wonderful time there. Mingle with my fellas and get close to each other. Best luck in the year ahead! XOXO

Bottega Ristorante
Menara Bank Danamon Lobby Level
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. E-4 No. 6
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12950
RSVP: (021) 5799 - 2222
Price Range: IDR 150K - IDR 250K / Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 12.00am (Sunday - Thursday)
10.00am - 01.00am (Friday & Saturday)
Dresscode: Casual & Semi Formal


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Asagao Coffee House - A Newly Opened Coffee Shop in Serpong area!

Me recently checked out Asagao Coffee House, a newly opened coffee shop located in Gading Serpong where you can find The Daily Press. Asagao Coffee House take their coffee seriously and do some modification with it. Basically the coffee bean itself comes from a sustainability sources in Indonesiam and you can be assured that every cup is up to the standard. More details check this out!

This is a coffee joint in Tangerang that i will definitely recommend. A pretty cool interior design with a unique accessories on every corner of this spot. For every customer who comes in to this place and spent their quality time here, having this kind of view during afternoon or tea - time would be a very special gift for sure. Please take a sit and enjoy your time here!

If you ask for their menu, here you go! Such a brilliant idea to create the menu on a big frame then adding some additional hand - writing to make it looks more fancy and beautiful.  Basically they provide you a pretty satisfying menu for the best coffee session with your folks (as you know great coffee shop, wouldn't served pasta or even fried rice). Just order and pay!

Totoro Cake (IDR 25K)
Asagao Coffee House has a signature desserts which are prepared readily. Totoro Cake is quiet good for sure. Crisp on the outside and creamy on the centre. Especially for every Instagram user who visit this spot, i bet you wouldn't leave without trying this!

Kori Kohi (IDR 35K)
If you are looking for something refreshing and sweet, then Kori Kohi will never go wrong. A fresh and cold milk served with an espresso cube gonna lifting up your mood for sure. Just pour it all the way and enjoy your drink!

Asagao Coffee House is absolutely fancy and cool. I really enjoy my time there and couldn't wait for my second visit!

Asagao Coffee House
Ruko Graha Boulevard A No. 9 
Tangerang, Banten 15810
RSVP: (0882) 1111 - 0101
Price Range: IDR 35K - IDR 55K / Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 09.00pm (Sunday - Thursday)
10.00am - 10.00pm (Friday & Saturday)


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Daily Press - A Gem in Serpong CBD!

Serpong is getting more popular lately. There are a lot of new residences and cluster there, also unique coffee shop as well. Everyone who works and live in Tangerang seems proud to welcoming this new coffee shop in Serpong CBD called The Daily Press. This newest coffee shop is pretty big, they have 2nd floor also provide you a cool smoking area. Beside that, they give you a permission to bring along your pet while having a cup of coffee here. Seems fun? Let's check out the details!

I could say here that The Daily Press is well - designed, fancy and served good coffee. As i mention before on 8 Coffeeshop that served Great Coffee in Jakarta, they used the same coffee beans as 1/15 Coffee from Morph Coffee. Whenever you enter this spot, you will find brown colour will dominate every corner of it. This cafe sits is about 35 people, with a lot of flowery things and a simple vase of sunflower. Just a perfect place to sit, chill and relax with your lovely one!

Cappucino (IDR 28K)
It's simply taste great! A good brewing method and a great coffee beans is the secret behind this. I totally love the acidity level of this coffee, which is not too sweet and watery. Totally entertaining!

Green Tea Latte (IDR 25K)
The green tea one unfortunately not really good at all. It's too sweet for me and over - power. I know the problem is comes from the green tea powder. So, they need to fixed this before every people have a same problem like me. Luckily, that latte art on top seems really helpful to entertain me for a while.

The smoking area seems quiet big and cool. Rustic and minimalist concept of interior design is really works on this area. Actually they haven't finished this yet, maybe around next month it would be done. Also they just missed one thing here, which is FOOD. The food seems really horrible and they still used another brand product (PS: That brand comes from famous Cafe in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town!). Well, i think they also need to fixed this soon.

So, what is the best part of them all? It's not overpriced for sure. The service also excellent. I really enjoy every single time at this cool coffeeshop. I bet this coffeeshop would be more popular later on. Just wait & see folks!

The Daily Press
Ruko Golden 8 Blok J No. 5
Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara
Gading Serpong, Tangerang
Price Range: IDR 30K - IDR 50K/ Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)


Friday, September 18, 2015

8 Coffee Shops that served Great Coffee in Jakarta!

Coffeeshop is the only destination for hipster travellers like me. Especially in Jakarta, they have been added more than 10 coffeeshop within 2 months. So, here is the right time for me to do a cafe hopping session with my folks. After trying more than 20 coffeeshop in Jakarta, i could summarise the best one here. Definition of "best" word here refer to the taste of the coffee itself also the ambience of that coffeeshop to spent your quality time a little bit longer. Watch out this short recap folks!

1. 1/15 Coffee
Jl. Gandaria 1/63
Jakarta Selatan, 12130
RSVP: (021) - 7225678
Operational Hours:
07.00am - 09.00pm (Everyday)

My favourite coffeeshop in downtown belong to this, 1/15 Coffee. A sleek and smart design of coffeeshop with minimalist & cool interior design absolutely a great destination for those who are loving to spent their time for sitting around coffeeshop, sipping a cup of coffee, and enjoy the free wifi area. Well, if we talk about the taste about their signature coffee, 1/15 Coffee absolutely served you the best one. Basically they use morph coffee beans which is totally aromatic and the acidity level going to be quiet strong. Also a nice latte art would be added into your coffee to make it more instagenic for sure. So, for everyone who love to play instagram and spamming their feed with a coffee pictures, this place gonna be your right destination!

2. Tanamera Coffee
Thamrin City Office Park AA 07
Jl. Kebon Kacang Raya
Jakarta, Indonesia 10230
RSVP: (021) - 2962 5599 / 5678
Opening Hours:
07.00am - 08.00pm (Monday - Sunday)

Moving on to the Central area of Jakarta, you'll find a good place to have a cup of coffee and enjoying some dessert as well. Tanamera Coffee such a great choice for coffee lovers. Basically whenever you enter this coffeeshop area, you'll see a minimalist concept of interior design and a lot of cool barista there. The only reason why i recommend this to you just because the coffee that they served here taste perfect. I can feel the aromatic flavour and the fragrant whenever it served right in front of me. Especially the latte art on top absolutely wonderful. Must try!

3. Common Grounds Coffee Roastery
Citywalk Sudirman Ground Floor
Jl. KH Mas Mansyur Kav. 121
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 10250
RSVP: (021) 2555 - 8963
Operational Hours:
08.00am - 10pm (Everyday)

Behind that beautiful latte art, you'll find a great taste of coffee. Well, the main differences between this coffeeshop and another is located on the acidity & sweet level of that coffee. Basically the acidity & sweet level that Common Grounds offer you here was less sweet and high acidity level. Well, as a part of coffee lovers i totally love this. Also whenever you enter this coffeeshop, you'll find a lot space for wooden furniture with a rack of cake and many choices of food to taste for. Love it!

4. Koultoura Coffee
Taman Ratu Indah Blok AA2 No. 33
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) 295 - 20 - 310
Operational Hours:
09.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)

Coffee enthusiast and cafe hoppers should be more than familiar with Koultoura Coffee now a days. Established on the middle of 2013, Koultoura Coffee is getting more famous day by day.With trained baristas brewing your coffee upon order, you will be pleased with the fragrant coffee that they served here along with the wonderful atmosphere as well.

5. Crematology Coffee Roasters
PX Pavilion
Jl. Puri Indah Boulevard Blok U1
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
Operational Hours: 10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)

Crematology Coffee Roasters is so dedicated to served you a great coffee here. With a well - trained baristas, you'll never feel any regret to visit this place every single time. They started with a first outlet at Senopati area and now it's expanded until Puri area which is really close with my home.

6. Blumchen Coffee
Fairground SCBD Lot 14
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 - 53
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12190
RSVP: (021) 994 - 61 - 357
Operational Hours:
06.30am - 09.00pm (Monday - Thursday)
06.30am - 12.00am (Friday - Saturday)
06.00am - 08.00pm (Sunday)

Blumchen Coffee use sustainability coffee beans from every big city in Indonesia, so it would be guarantee to find a very high standards coffee here. Within a small and cosy space for sitting, you just need to sipping your coffee carefully and enjoy it so damn much. Totally like it!

7. Ombe Kofie
Jl. Pluit Sakti No. 117
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia 14450
RSVP: (0811) 160 - 226
Operational Hours:
08.00am - 06.00pm (Everyday)

If you are looking for a homey coffeeshop then Ombe Kofie should be your answer. Ombe kofie is a small and great coffee shop in North Jakarta that delivers every single cup of coffee perfectly. They've been added some little snacks to be enjoyed with the coffee, but most of all it's not really good at all. Whenever you try this coffeeshop, make sure to sip your coffee slowly and enjoy the ambience for sure.

8. Cafetaria by Mono
Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya No. 1C
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) 989 - 85 - 764
Operational Hours: 
08.00am - 11.00pm (Everyday)

A new comer with consistency in serving a cup of coffee is known as Cafetaria by Mono. The white themes has been applied to their interior design and it's simply create a clean atmosphere around this coffeeshop. Besides coffee, they also served you a lot variety of food including Bulldog Burger, Bento, Fries, and Waffles.