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Rosso Restaurant at Shangrila Hotel Jakarta - ONE OF THE BEST ITALIAN RESTAURANT IN JAKARTA!

Italian food is one of the most popular dishes in Indonesia, it's not because the presentation but it's all about texture and flavour. Mostly Italian food is simply complex in terms of flavour and texture. That's why it's really interesting to have this kind of food every single time. If someone ask me where's to find the best Italian food in Jakarta, then i'll clearly recommend them to try Rosso Restaurant at Shangrila Hotel Jakarta. It's my place - to - go whenever i feel craving about Italian food with a delicate flavour and texture. Here is more details for you folks!

Rosso is a huge restaurant, it can easily accommodate up to 100 guests. I really love how they combine a classic italian furniture with a warm and yellow lightning on every corner of this restaurant. It's just makes me feel more comfort to enjoy my meal here. 

Nominated as one of the best Italian restaurant in Jakarta, Rosso offer you a lot variety of alcoholic drinks, i.e: wine, tequila, beer, and many more. They use a original and authentic version for every single alcoholic drinks, which is proofen by the seal on every bottles that they provide you here. So, for those who love alcoholic drinks, it's your time to order it along with the great meal for sure!

Weekends with your family just got better as Rosso offers you a variety of specialty antipasti buffet. As you can see, there is so many choices of antipasti. The appetisers such as salad, prosciutto, cold cuts, and cheese absolutely fantastic. It's all taste so good and beyond standard. If you ask me which one is my favourite, then i would reply for the cold cuts.

Choices of Pizza (Margherita - Seafood - Bresaola)
Italian gastronomical delight should be known as pizza, pasta, bread and mouth - watering desserts. But now, let's start from the pizza. Basically i order two kind of pizza here to compare which one is the better one. Then after i try it, it's really TOUGH. Two kind of pizza with delicate flavour and texture absolutely fit to my standard. The seafood one is so tasty, you can feel every ingredients that they use here is so fresh and the simple sauce which is consist of tomato sauce i think it's so flavory and definitely dominate the flavour of this pizza. Then if we move on to the beef one, basically it's simply entertaining. The cold cuts that they used as the main topping here absolutely a very right choice to create a fantastic flavour of that pizza. Beside that those green leaf have a very unique texture which is crunchy and fresh and surprisingly it blend really well with that cold cuts to create a great dishes. But overall i prefer the seafood one, because it's so tasty and generous! 

Tagliatelle Homemade with Artichoke and Scallops

Penne with Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella Cream

Risotto Saffron with Lamb Ragout and Cheese Fondue

I'm a big fan of pasta and this dish definitely goes in to my standard. They offer you a freshly made pasta with delicate flavour and texture as well. From 3 kind of pasta dishes that Rosso served here, actually the Tagliatte is the must try one! The pasta itself is really satisfying in terms of flavour and texture, they just cooked it really well (PS: People call it AL - DENTE!) and it's simply tasty. The scallops and artichoke as the main topping here also works really great to create a fresh flavour and delicate flavour of this dish. Definitely GORGEOUS!

Apple Strudel with Lemon Pastry Sauce

Profiterole with Chocolate Mousse

Millefoglie (Chocolate and Raspberry Millefoile)

Cappuccino (Coffee Mousse with Whipped Cream and Almond Crumble)

Say hello to my favourite part of this review called DESSERT! Well, i'm a dessertarian, so i quite selective about any kind of dishes in high - sugar level. But, as the part of set menu here, i should try Rosso signature desserts for this weekend which is Profiterole, Apple Strudel, Cappucino and Millefoglie. Let's talk one by one. The profiterole is definitely beyond my expectation, i think the texture it's just hard and the flavour is too sweet, but after i taste it's surprisingly YUMMY! I can feel the profiterole here is so soft and the filling inside it's just taste balanced. Not too sweet but it's simply entertaining. Then the second part here is the Apple Strudel, basically it's just taste quite good. The apple is so fresh and that sauce on top of it is simply balanced up the flavour of it. Next the cappuccino is really creamy, i'm not a big fan of cream, so this is not my best part for sure. But the last one is definitely my favourite as well called Millefoglie. That layer of raspberry and chocolate definitely define my happiness for sure. I can feel the dark chocolate is so natural and the raspberry is so fresh. I really love this combination for sure!

As a part of buffet, Rosso Restaurant offer you 2 different kind of juice, which is lemonade and apple juice. I really love the apple one, because it's simply sweet and refreshing. But for those who love lemonade juice in the usual way, then you should grab it here. Right next to apple juice.

Festa in Famiglia
Adult: IDR 290K / Pax
Child: IDR 120K / Pax

Overall, Rosso Restaurant is my current favourite place for having a great Italian dishes all the time. They provide you a very great Italian dishes in affordable price also in qualified presentation as well. If you having a brunch or dinner here, reservations is highly recommended.

Rosso Restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta
Kota BNI
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1
Jakarta, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) - 29229932
Dresscode: Smart Casual
Operational Hours
1. Restaurant:
11.30am - 2.30pm (Lunch)
6.30pm - 10.30pm (Dinner)
2. Lounge:
11.00am - 2.30pm (Lunch)
5.30pm - 1.00am (Dinner)


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