Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Product Endorsement - Nutella Cookies!

There are so many good cookies now a days. I can feel every small corner in Jakarta lately become a coffeeshop, bakery, or even cake shop. It's just a positive way to be creative and innovative. But for me, it's kinda hard to find a really great cookies with a Nutella infused flavour inside of it. Believe it or not, Nutella is getting more popular in this year. Even a small and traditional market sometimes provide a Nutella product because it's kinda exist for sure. Actually i didn't want to be too commercial, but you can proof my words that this cookies absolutely taste so GOOD!

Nutella Cookies, M&M Cookies, and Peanut Butter Cookies
First time i got a packaged of this, i just can't wait to open it and taste it. But before i taste it, i need to share this good things with you guys. After done with the photoshoot session, it's time to reveal the truth. Could you guess what i'm thinking about it?! YUMMY! To be honest, it's quite hard to find a good cookies lately, because most people only sell the "presentation" of any cookies, not the taste. And surprisingly, this cookies by @mrs.burn_cookies absolutely taste really great. I can feel a sweetness of that cookies on the first bite along with the light and crumble texture of it. 

Mrs. Burn Cookies provide you:
1. Nutella Cookies (Best Seller!)
2. Ovomaltine Cookies (Best Seller!)
3. Peanut Butter Cookies (Best Seller!)
4. Salted Caramel Cookies
5. Green Tea Cookies
6. Coffee Cookies
7. M&M Cookies (Best Seller!)

From 7 different flavour, i would say the Nutella one is definitely my favourite. Who can't resist a sweet and light cookies with the infused flavour of Nutella?! I bet you don't! So, make sure to place your order now and taste it!

Mrs. Burn Cookies
"Freshly Baked Cookies"
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