Friday, August 7, 2015

Opensnap - #FoodDirectory for everyone!

Me as a blogger sometimes have a same problem with you guys to explore every new restaurants in Jakarta. Well, as you know there is a lot of new restaurant that always comes in every month and not everyone of them get a good spotlight. But, when i use Opensnap as food directory, it's totally help me to get a good info about upcoming restaurants in Jakarta (FYI: It's definitely UP - TO - DATE!) and sometimes it's simply give me a reference about good dishes in that restaurants. 

So, basically there are a few steps that you can follow to use Opensnap apps and for me it's all just a simple things. As you can see, Opensnap could help us to find a nearby restaurants along with the photos as a reference, also in Opensnap you could upload your picture then create an album to there to make it more organise and save. Also for those who love to share their photos with someone outside there, you can simply follow your friends id or if you haven't got any friends there, you can connect to the Facebook to find out some more along with the suggested user by Opensnap apps.

For the example, when i first come to Fook Yew by Ismaya Group a few months ago, i found a confusing moment to choose any kind of great dishes as my meal. Then, i open the Opensnap apps and suddenly i find a great reference there because Opensnap already put this restaurant on their database. There are so many food pics regarding to the restaurant here and i just can choose which one that i loved. So, here is my meal.

Hongkong Fried Seafood Noodle

Seafood Horfun with Egg Sauce

Both of them is horribly GOOD! I can feel every components on that dishes is works really great on my mouth and i can spent my whole day calories just for this. Beside that, i just feel thankful to choose Opensnap as my food directory platform whenever i need any reference about good food in Jakarta. For those who haven't use this apps, you should try it. I think this one is really different with any others food platform outside there.

Overall, Opensnap is such a very good deal for foodies in Jakarta to explore a great and nice dishes just in a single touch. Also they provide you a lot categories of restaurants, i.e: 
1. Tempat Makan Romantis di Jakarta: 
2. The Best Japanese Restaurants in Jakarta:
Basically it's all be classified just to make sure, you can find a great restaurants as your favourite easily. Let's find some good food just in a single touch with



  1. So cool,
    Seafood Horfun with Egg Sauce look so delicious:)

  2. Koh Aaron ini Dije . Grup OS dulu .
    Itu Seafood Horfun enak banget dah kayanyahhh ...slurrpp

  3. The Hongkong noodle is so tempting....yummyyyy...