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1945 - Indonesian Food in the NEXT LEVEL!

Indonesian food always be my favourite all the time. Whenever i feel confused to decide what kind of dish to having at the moment, i'll always go for the local one. Well, this is a very great opportunity for everyone who are looking for an elegant and fancy Indonesian style restaurant.  While it seems like a truly challenging task, 1945 has managed to create a venue which combine a classic local dishes with fine dining fair, a unique black - marble table, and a silent VIP room for private request.

Let me first start with the ambience. A classic wooden furniture, a red accessories, and a crystal clear glass gonna spark our eyes to stay a little bit longer here and order so many food as much as we can to be our best companion. Especially i can smell an aromatherapy here. Aromatherapy isn't the first tool you think of to boost up your productivity and create a relaxing feeling at the moment, but at the last it should be. Another reason why i stay a little bit longer here, just because that aromatherapy as well (PS: Believe it or not!).

Jajanan (Gorengan)
Believe it or not, this one taste so GREAT! I know maybe it's too early to say it, but the value of any restaurant can be calculate by their starters. If the starters was great, it should be worth to try. And the Gorengan 1945 definitely my favourite now. The prawn fritters was stunning, it's simply crunchy and crispy. Especially that peanut sauce absolutely boost up the flavour of it. 

Sate (Wagyu Beef)

Sate (Lamb Tenderloin)

Sate (Chicken Oyster)

I know 3 is too much, but who can't resist a delicious grilled chicken, beef or even lamb that served with a classic peanut sauce?! Actually from that statement, i could proof it wrong. Because for me the great one is belongs to that lamb tenderloin. The rest, just taste okay and not really fit with my standard. But if you can't eat lamb (FYI: Lamb is the reason behind hypertension!), you could try the beef or even the chicken one.

Pecel Kembang Salad
Appetizers could be colourful and wonderful by choosing this dish! A bouquet of edible flowers and salad greens with black sesame and peanut dressing definitely taste so fresh and light. A little touch of platting plus a messy presentation of that flower is the main highlight of this dish. Have you ever try to eat flower?! If you say never, then this is your chance to proof it right.

Oxtail Consomme 
For Jakartan's, they called this as "Sop Buntut". Well, as you guys know that Sop Buntut should have a tasty soup, juicy meat and a beautiful vegetables topping on top of it. So, here is what i'm talking about. 1945 definitely create a wonderful Oxtail Consomme that you probably gonna love it. The meat is too tender until a single touch of spoon could make it leaving from the bone and a half cooked vegetable surprisingly taste quite nice. Maybe i didn't really like the vegetables, but the meat absolutely my favourite. Gorgeous!

Lobster Pesmol Thermidor
Move on to the main course, this dish totally STUNNING! A stuffed baked lobster with grilled coconut in spicy sweet and sour pesmol sauce have a wonderful flavour and texture for sure. I can feel the meat already absorb that special sauce to make it more tasty and fragrant. Along with that the main things, that i should say it to you is all about freshness of that lobster. The lobster is cooked perfectly and the sandy ground flavour of it already killed by that sauce for sure. Definitely must try!

Who doesn't love gindara?! The way that 1945 served this dishes it's just exceptional. The gindara was grilled really well and a sweet terasi infused sauce definitely create a lovely flavour of it. Totally deserve your attention!

Rujak Chicken
People know this dish as a typical of hawker food and some of them didn't realize how great is it. Until you taste this, i bet all of your worry gonna be killed by the boneless baby chicken with a side of baby spinach and watercress dressed in spicy rujak sauce. First time i saw it, i didn't even think about the taste, but after i try it, i know that a minimalist and simple presentation of this dish gonna lifting up your standard for sure. Great!

Tongseng Lamb Chop
Mostly every people in Indonesia always love to eat Lamb as their meal. I know it's not good at all to consume this kind of meat every single time, because there's another reason to live healthy. But, yes you can eat this whenever you thinking about it. Lamb Chop that 1945 served here is one of the GREAT dishes that you should try whenever you came here. It's not because the presentation, but it's all about the flavour. It's totally satisfying in terms of flavour and texture folks!

Wagyu Di Rendang
Rendang is a typical dishes that you could eat every single time. It's rich of flavour and full of spices. And a good things that you should know here is the Wagyu Beef as a main highlight behind that wonderful flavour. I know the coconut milk rendang paste is the main things who gonna dominate the great flavour in your mouth, but that wagyu beef is totally juicy and tender. I could eat this just by myself!

Nasi Goreng Lobster
Pesmol fried rice that infused by an aromatic lobster oil, served with stuffed baked lobster on the side of it definitely MUST TRY! The rice is really fragrant and tasty, beside that as i already told you earlier the lobster is simply fresh and you can feel the wonderful spices has been added into that meat. Totally love it!

Nasi Goreng Kampung
I really love how a simple and traditional food could be elevated into the next level. Here is a part of that categories. A kampung style Indonesian fried rice with egg and oyster chicken. Could be my suggestion, whenever some people ask me where to find a great "Nasi Goreng" in downtown. 

Nastar Cake
Some people know nastar as a pineapple ball, but this one is different. With a base of pineapple sauce and a layer of sponge cake around with the crumble on top, 1945 called this as a Nastar Cake. Well, this one taste quite good. But for me the cake it's too heavy and need to make it more light. 

Frozen Srikaya Souffle
This one absolutely BRILLIANT! I didn't notice how a standard and usual presentation could have a really great surprise inside of it, yes the surprise is a frozen srikaya sauce on the center of it. Actually the soufflé is really soft and light. For me the frozen srikaya sauce gonna be the main highlight of this dessert, while some people are looking for that soufflé. Current favourite!

Tape Cheesecake
(PS: You should order this, whenever you plan a visit to this palace!). A good quality of cheesecake that infused with the distinctive sweet and sour flavour of fermented tape definitely taste WONDEFUL. I can feel the cheesecake is dense and heavy, but i still loving it! Also an additional topping of vanilla bean sauce has been added into this desserts to create a beautiful presentation of it. Totally my number one recommendation for you guys!

Overall, i really enjoy every kind of dishes that 1945 served me at this time. Another great place to go in Jakarta and yes i'm still thinking about that Tape Cheesecake (PS: Just skip this sentence! :p). So, i'm gonna came back for more! 

1945 Restaurant
Hotel Fairmont Jakarta
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Gelora Bung Karno
Jakarta, Indonesia 10270
RSVP: (+6221) 2903 - 9197
Price Range: IDR 250K - IDR 500K / Pax
Operational Hours:
Lounge: 11.00am - 12.00am
Lunch: 11.00am - 15.30pm
Dinner: 18.30pm - 23.00pm



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