Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mr. Crabby - Great Seafood Restaurant in the Heart of North Jakarta!

Are you sick of the boring seafood restaurant?! Perhaps, it's the right time for you to start looking across the North Jakarta. As the time goes on, the growth of seafood restaurant has extended beyond our imagination. Well, as you know not every seafood restaurant is worth enough to try for (especially if we talk about the minimum cost of it!). But, Mr. Crabby is one of the example of seafood restaurant that providing a lot varieties of seafood dishes with a very affordable price and wouldn't make your wallet get burning with a hole. Here, i share you the full details of it!

I would be agree for those who say ambience is really matter later on. Ambience gonna define your great or worst dining experience for every single time you enter the restaurant area. So, it should be nice & clear enough to make you stay a little bit longer. Mr. Crabby have a really good ambience with a wooden architecture accompany by sailor accessories. So if we talk about seafood restaurant, it's really make sense to find this things inside of their spot. By having that kind of things as well, of course you will have a really comfort atmosphere to enjoy your meal every single time.

Javanese Crab with Captain Mix Sauce (Market Price)
Let's start with this, a beautiful and gorgeous crab to boost up your great dining experience here. The crab that they served here definitely taste really good. You can feel that crab has been cooked perfectly, while that bloody sauce simply create a stunning flavour of it. Along with that crab, a chop of fresh & sweet corn gonna be added as an additional topping. The serving is more than generous, probably the most instagenic angle for your Instagram feed!

Prawn with Garlic Butter Sauce (IDR 64.5K++)
Look no further, for those who love Big Prawn that served in very special sauce, this dish gonna blow your mind. The prawn is beautifully cooked, especially that sauce absolutely gorgeous.  I wouldn't say this one is the best dish of prawn that i've ever taste in my whole life, but this dish just worth enough to try for!

Mussel with Chilli Honey (IDR 58.5K++)
If you choose to skip the legendary crab & the oldest prawn, then mussel gonna bounce you back! Nicely cooked mussel topped with spicy and tasty chilli honey sauce absolutely stunning. With a clean and good looking presentation like this, i bet it won't dull your moment folks!

Spicy Honey Chicken Wing (IDR 44.5K++)
Spicy wing lover? Don't worry, they also serve some spicy wing or crispy chicken. If you feel a little bit confused to make a decision, simply take this for your bites. Juicy and tender chicken wing with a great seasoning of it wouldn't never be wrong folks.

Classic Fish & Chips (IDR 68.5K++)
Moving on to Fish & Chips, this classic & historical dish gonna kicking your mouth for sure. The crispiness layer on the outside along with the soft & smooth layer on the inside absolutely perfect to be your option. While having that fish, you can simply added an additional mayonnaise sauce to increase the flavour of it. Fish & Chips will served with a side of shoestring fries.

Crispy Calamari Ring (IDR 48.5K++)
If you visit this place with a group of people, then side dishes gonna be your very best excuses to share! This crunchy calamari with a simple seasoning of it, gonna make you addicted while you served it with the mayonnaise sauce. Grab it yours!

Ice Lemongrass Tea (IDR 12.5K++)
Are you looking for a refreshing twist to feed your thirst?! Well, this lemongrass tea should be your perfect answer folks. A fresh of lemongrass blend with an ice tea gonna fill up your hot & sunny day for sure. 

Overall, it's just a very great choice to have a lunch meeting or even a family dinner here. There are not so many seafood restaurants with appetizing dishes at a minimum cost of IDR 40K - IDR 250K, but Mr. Crabby does. So this is the right time for you to taste a premium seafood dishes with cool and nice ambience all the time. Right folks?!

Personal recommendation & opinion:
Crab vs Prawn. Which one should i choose?!

Mr. Crabby
Jl. Muara Karang Blok D7 Barat No. 69
Jakarta Utara
RSVP: (+6221) - 6610058
Price Estimate: IDR 150K++ / Pax
Operational Hours: 
10.00am - 22.00pm (Monday - Sunday)
Closed on Tuesday



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