Thursday, July 16, 2015

Kobe Restaurant - All You Can Eat for Japanese Cuisine!

Kobe Restaurant might not be a new comer in Jakarta culinary industry, but after hit a year in serving great Japanese cuisine in town, they growing up very rapidly until their outlet having more and more seating capacity now. Well, they have a unique concept to sell their product (PS: I mean food!) within buffet concept. For those who haven't know this restaurant, this is your time to get more closer with them. Let's take a tour!

Steak Station
"Tenderloin with Medium Rare Level?! Or Sirloin with Well Done Level?!" It based on your choice guys! I wouldn't mind about that things, but the only things that i matter now is this restaurant serve a really great steak with a unique and tasty selection of sauce from black pepper until mushroom sauce. Yeyy, couldn't wait to get my one for sure!


Japanese Station
This station is my favourite for sure! Well, the main reason i said that it's because in this station, they serve a lot variety of authentic and great Japanese cuisine all over the time. They will top up the food for every 20 minutes to make sure it won't be empty while you check out this station. My recommendation for you in this station is the Beef Teriyaki and Chicken Katsu. Both of them have a good texture, which is tender and juicy along with the great seasoning of it. I'm feel craving for this!

Beef Teriyaki (BEST CHOICE!)

Chawan Mushi

Tempura (BEST CHOICE!)

Chicken Katsu (BEST CHOICE!)

Western / Chinese Station
Moving on to another station, they have an option for this. Every week or even 3 days a week they rolling up this station, to make the royalty customer feel more comfort and curious about what's next in this restaurant. When i visit this outlet, actually they served me some western cuisine in the good way. Not many but it's enough. Let's take a look what they offer here!


Shabu - Shabu
To make it even more complex, this restaurant offer you some Shabu - Shabu buffet. Actually the most highlights for this goes to Wagyu Beef. Could you ever imagine Wagyu Beef that usually people served in "Steak Version" now turned into "Shabu - Shabu Version"?! That's why i'm kinda curious about this. After i try it, i got the answer for you folks. It's totally taste GREAT! I can feel the Wagyu Beef is so tender and smooth which is blend really well with that soup as the based of it. Overall, must TRY!

Wagyu Beef

Desserts Station
It's my time to try their variation of desserts. From 5 different kind of desserts, i can summarise it into one. Matcha Soft Cream with additional topping is the BEST ONE! This ice cream have a really good texture, which is soft & creamy. Especially when you mixed it with the right topping, i.e: chocolate, jelly, or even oreo. You will get a best desserts that created by YOU and served for YOU!

Matcha Soft Cream

Overall, my lunch was very enjoyable. Every foods taste great and authentic. To be honest, this restaurant gonna be my favourite restaurant with all you can eat concept. Especially i just had a very great companion to share my laughs & foods with (Merli!). Let's try youngsters!

Buffet Price List:
Weekday: IDR 249.000++ / Pax
Weekend: IDR 299.000++ / Pax

Personal recommendation & opinion:
RSVP for better dining experience because the restaurant is kinda full for every single times, especially on the weekend.

Kobe Restaurant
Street Gallery Lt. 2 (Pondok Indah Mall)
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
Jakarta Selatan
RSVP: (+6221) - 297 04981 ext: 112
Price Estimate: IDR 300K / Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 24.00pm (Sunday - Thursday)
10.00am - 02.00am (Friday - Saturday)



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