Monday, July 13, 2015

BEAU - Exquisite Bakery Has Finally Arrived In Jakarta!

Let's raise your hand for those who love artisan bread and pastries of high quality; using fresh, locally souced ingredients! For me Pastry is the most important things in this entire life, because i'm a sweet person. So, if you have a same feeling & opinion like me, better you watch this! 

BEAU is the first bakery project by Indonesian pastry chef Talita Setyadi. She has been featured as a guest chef in Junior Masterchef Indonesia, discovering the world of bread and pastries all over the Australia, Europe and the USA driven her to create a beautifully crafted artisan bread & pastries.

Pain Au Raisin
For those who love Cinnamon Rolls, better you grab this fast! It's not because the presentation is looks stunning, but the flavour that they offer here is absolutely GORGEOUS! Well, if we talk about the texture, it's simply crunchy and dense then move on to the flavour, you can feel that this sweet little things taste so sweet because the macerated raisins and almond cream blend really well on the inside of it. It supposed to be great to have this kind of pastry every single day (PS: Especially Breakfast Time & Snack Time!)

They serve you three option for this typical pastry: Croissant Pur Beurre (100% Butter Croissant), Croissant Aux Amandex (Croissant amplified with almond cream and slice of almonds), Matcha - Choco Croissant (Croissant with Matcha Butter and Dark Chocolate). Well, i'm a big fan of croissant so this is my perfect answer for sure. The croissant that BEAU served here pretty satisfying in terms of texture and flavour. The croissant itself have a crunchy layer on the outside and soft layer on the inside. More than that with an additional topping on the top it, definitely boost up the flavour. You should know this croissant is baked really well, with that kind of presentation. My favourite absolutely the Matcha - Choco Croissant. Maybe i really love matcha, but it's not easy to find this type of croissant in Jakarta and surprisingly they serve this in the right way!

Light Bites

Well, it's not easy to find an exquisite bakery in Jakarta before, but after they comes several months ago finally you get the right answer for it. Any kind of pastry & bread, especially the cake that BEAU offer here is so scrumptious. I can feel a true passion combine with the creative idea gonna create some stunning product and here is the results that we need, some delightful artisan bread & pastries in town. 

Personal recommendation & opinion:
You MUST TRY their Croissant, Astrid Cake & Cruffin. Absolutely STUNNING!

Plaza Indonesia LB#57
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav 28 - 30
Jakarta 10350
RSVP: (+6221) - 2992 4257
Price Estimate: IDR 40.000++ / Product
Operational Hours: 
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)



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