Friday, July 17, 2015

AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe - Hidden Treasure for Italian Cuisine with Japanese twist!

It's been a year, AW Kitchen Pasta House has enrich culinary industry in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. Basically, this restaurant has been opened their first branch in Japan with the founder Akira Watanabe, the one who create pasta menu in the next level.  By that kind of reputation, no wonder this restaurant always full of customer every single time. 

Ta Jil
To celebrate the breakfasting month, AW Kitchen Jakarta present Ta Jil for those who come around 6.00pm to their restaurant. The Ta Jil itself, consist of Es Campur, Kurma, Candied, and Little Cookies. Well, as a sweet person, this is such a premium treat for me before try their signature dishes.! ;)

Gazpacho Shrimp Pinchos, Caponata Canape, Yellow Tail and Salmon Carpaccio
As the starter, they provide me this stunning appetizer all the time. Let's start with the baguette, actually it taste really nice. The baguette itself have a crunchy & airy texture, to make sure it baked really well. Then move on to the shrimp, it's surprisingly taste really fresh and you can feel the shrimp have a buttery, soft flavour. Also if we talk about the salmon carpaccio, actually this is the raising star of this dish. Maybe i'm not a big fan of raw food, but if you're opposite position with me, then this is gonna be your favourite for sure!

Cold Capellini with Salmon, Capers, and Lemon Sauce
This one definitely DA - BOMB! First of all, i couldn't imagine how the cold pasta served in front of me. Because as we know, pasta should be served in hot condition to boost up the fragrance. Well, it sounds really different with this. Cold Capellini with Salmon, Capers, and Lemon Sauce as known as Cold Pasta surprisingly taste so great! The pasta itself have a smooth, silky texture while the salmon and capers as the additional topping on top gonna give you a soft & chewy texture for this dishes. Well, no wonder if AW Kitchen (Jakarta & Japan) gonna put this menu as their Signature Dishes. If you explain this menu in front of me, well you're success to makes me feel craving all the time!

Black Angus Tenderloin with choice of Porcini
Sorry guys, this one definitely MINE! Oops. I mean this one absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS! I wouldn't explain more about this, as you can see this medium rare cooked steak have a tender and juicy layer for every single bites of it. Especially that golden brown sauce on top create an aromatic and boost up the flavour for sure. I'm a big fans of steak, and here is another recommendation for you guys! 

Overall, AW Kitchen Jakarta have a premium Italian cuisine with Japanese twist. I really enjoyed all the food that they served me here. Especially the steak and the cold pasta, it's absolutely entertaining all the time. So, let's try youngsters!

Personal recommendation & opinion:
Cold Pasta & Black Angus Tenderloin always be my favourite!

AW Kitchen Jakarta
Plaza Senayan CP409 (Level. P4)
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Jakarta Pusat, 10270
RSVP: (+6221) - 5790 6071
Price Range: IDR 100K - IDR 250K/ Pax
Operational Hours:
11.00am - 10.00pm (Sunday - Thursday)
11.00am - 10.30pm (Friday and Saturday)



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