Thursday, July 30, 2015

Top 5 Bandung Street Food Feast!

Bandung is capital of Indonesia's West Java province, a large city with huge variation of street food & high class dining experience. Since i was child, my parents oftenly invite me to have a culinary trip at Bandung and find the differences between Jakarta culinary industry with this big city. Well, as i'm growing bigger, i feel quite addicted to visit Bandung whenever i'm free to taste Bandung culinary heritage. But for this review i just make it short to do a review for street food only (PS: Many people ask me to do more street food review, rather than 5 star restaurants! #quotesup). For those who love exquisite & elegant dining experience in 5 star hotel or any brilliant restaurants around Bandung, just wait for the next review after this. Well, here is the top 5 bandung street food based on my opinion. Check this out folks!

1. Mie Kocok Bandung
Jl. Haji Akbar No.4 (Infront of Kartika Sari)
Bandung, Jawa Barat 40171

Operational Hours: 6:00am – 16:00pm (Everyday)

Believe me folks, this one absolutely DA - YUM! I can feel every single things on that plate seems work really well in my mouth, especially that meat. The yellow noodle have a generous texture which is thick and smooth. If we talk about the soup, it's should be tasty and salty which is blend really well with the meat and that noodle. And the good things here is that noodle and also the meat can absorb all the fragrance of that soup to create a tasty layer on it. Must try!

2. Siomay Bandung Tulen
Jl. Haji Akbar (Beside Kartika Sari)
Bandung, Jawa Barat 40171
Operational Hours: 6:00am – 16:00pm (Everyday)

I couldn't explain more for this, because it's horribly DELICIOUS! Siomay Bandung as known as Steam Fish Cake here pretty satisfying in terms of texture and flavour. Talk about the texture, fish cake should be have a little chewy texture along with dense layer inside of it, and here is what you got. Then move on the flavour, basically all of the flavour comes out from that bloddy Peanut Sauce with a splash of sweet soy sauce on the top of it. So, if you combine the fish cake with that sauce, all the fragrant, texture & flavour gonna explode in your mouth. Don't blame if you get addicted with this!

3. Batagor Kingsley
Jalan Veteran No. 25
Bandung, Jawa Barat 40112
RSVP: (+62 22) - 4207104
Operational Hours: 08.00am - 20.00pm (Everyday)

Move on to the fritter one, this dish absolutely the GREAT one! As you can see, the perfect golden brown layer on the outside and a full layer of fish cake mixed with the bean curd on the inside become a wonderful food all the time. Actually, if you can imagine, this Batagor Kingsley have a very small portion (PS: Not enough to fit your big tummy!), so the other option that you have to do is order 2 different portion of the fritter & soup one. Both of them taste great, but for me the fritter one definitely the BEST!

4. Western Hotdog
Paris Van Java (PVJ)
JL. Sukajadi
Bandung, Jawa Barat 40162

I bet everyone already know Hotdog, even the background and the good form of it. A hot dog is a cooked sausage, traditionally grilled and served in a slice of long bun. Sausage that we oftenly found here is a 20 cm sausage with chicken or beef as the basic ingredients. But one more second, this dish absolutely looks different. Can you guess it? Well, the sausage looks little bit longer. Yeahh, 50CM sausage and 70CM sausage is ready to serve you here. So with this kind of sausage along with the thick and long bun to served it, i bet everyone of you wouldn't feel hungry anymore after try this. Basically the simple sauce on top create a good flavour and for me the most important things here is the sausage grilled really well. I really love this dish so much. Don't you?!

5. Bola Ubi Bandung
Jl. Gardujati (Opposite of Hotel Trio)

Here is the last for desserts. Maybe it looks unusual and kinda unique, well behind that presentation you will find a very great flavour of it. A sweetness of the yam and a crunchiness of the layer. Well, this good desserts with best flavour only available in Bandung area, not even in Jakarta. 

Personal recommendation & opinion:
Much better to come on weekdays to avoid traffic around all of that places. 


Crematology PX Pavilion - Secound outlet to leading the coffee section in Jakarta!

Hey folks! I know everyone of you kinda curious for every new places that just opened in Jakarta, especially if it's a very special one (PS: I mean special because there is something unique on that spot that you should know while you visit there!). Well that's exactly how i deal with this one, another new comer in coffee industry, please welcome Crematology. I know this is the second outlet that they just launch in a months ago. Their first outlet located in Senopati area, the most hype place in Jakarta for cafe, restaurant & bar. Crematology is an urban Coffee Shop that served an authentic and house blend Coffee for those who has been addicted with caffeine #likeme. So, let's see the full details about this.

Let's start with the ambience first. Well, as you can see there is a lot of wooden architecture combine with concrete wallpaper to make it more natural and minimalist. However, they also put some unique accessories i.e: saddle feather chair, bamboo chair, wooden chair, and many more. For those who love wooden design, i bet this place gonna be your favourite one!

Moving on to the food, basically this Coffee Shop served you some light food that works really well with the coffee (i.e: croissant, and many more). Croissant is typical dishes that really compatible with a cup of coffee, actually the croissant that they serve here taste quite nice. It has a golden brown layer on the outside and a fluffy also soft layer on the inside. Especially the almond topping on top make it even more tasty and yummy. It such a good idea!

Hazelnut Latte
As a caffeine junker, i really love to explore every single flavour that really fit into a glass of coffee. Well, i think hazelnut syrup is one of the example, from many kind of flavour that blend really well with the coffee texture and flavour. This is without any doubt, my favourite drink in this place so far!

Picollo Latte
Moving on to the intense one, i have an idea to try this as known as Picollo Latte. Well, it taste quite good. The coffee seems to be more intense, and for those who love the light coffee this is not the best option for you. Not because it's sounds horribly bold, but the flavour absolutely strong. I drink a cup of water after having this one. But overall, it seems even better with the adorable latte art on top. Yeah we drink with our eyes too. Right peps?! ;)

To make it shorts, it's really worth for me to visit this spot. It's not all about caffeine & foods only, but my companion seems really great for this (Thank you Nydia!). I call her my sister, because she's older than me #oops and mature enough about his life. Overall, i'll probably come back to this place as soon as possible. Let's try it youngsters!

Personal recommendation & opinion:
Try their Almond Croissant & Choco Fudge with Oreo Cheesecake Topping!

Crematology Coffee Roasters
PX Pavilion (Ground Floor)
St. Moritz, Puri Indah
Jakarta Barat
Price Estimate: IDR 50K / Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 22.00pm (Everyday)
Instagram - Facebook - Twitter


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mr. Crabby - Great Seafood Restaurant in the Heart of North Jakarta!

Are you sick of the boring seafood restaurant?! Perhaps, it's the right time for you to start looking across the North Jakarta. As the time goes on, the growth of seafood restaurant has extended beyond our imagination. Well, as you know not every seafood restaurant is worth enough to try for (especially if we talk about the minimum cost of it!). But, Mr. Crabby is one of the example of seafood restaurant that providing a lot varieties of seafood dishes with a very affordable price and wouldn't make your wallet get burning with a hole. Here, i share you the full details of it!

I would be agree for those who say ambience is really matter later on. Ambience gonna define your great or worst dining experience for every single time you enter the restaurant area. So, it should be nice & clear enough to make you stay a little bit longer. Mr. Crabby have a really good ambience with a wooden architecture accompany by sailor accessories. So if we talk about seafood restaurant, it's really make sense to find this things inside of their spot. By having that kind of things as well, of course you will have a really comfort atmosphere to enjoy your meal every single time.

Javanese Crab with Captain Mix Sauce (Market Price)
Let's start with this, a beautiful and gorgeous crab to boost up your great dining experience here. The crab that they served here definitely taste really good. You can feel that crab has been cooked perfectly, while that bloody sauce simply create a stunning flavour of it. Along with that crab, a chop of fresh & sweet corn gonna be added as an additional topping. The serving is more than generous, probably the most instagenic angle for your Instagram feed!

Prawn with Garlic Butter Sauce (IDR 64.5K++)
Look no further, for those who love Big Prawn that served in very special sauce, this dish gonna blow your mind. The prawn is beautifully cooked, especially that sauce absolutely gorgeous.  I wouldn't say this one is the best dish of prawn that i've ever taste in my whole life, but this dish just worth enough to try for!

Mussel with Chilli Honey (IDR 58.5K++)
If you choose to skip the legendary crab & the oldest prawn, then mussel gonna bounce you back! Nicely cooked mussel topped with spicy and tasty chilli honey sauce absolutely stunning. With a clean and good looking presentation like this, i bet it won't dull your moment folks!

Spicy Honey Chicken Wing (IDR 44.5K++)
Spicy wing lover? Don't worry, they also serve some spicy wing or crispy chicken. If you feel a little bit confused to make a decision, simply take this for your bites. Juicy and tender chicken wing with a great seasoning of it wouldn't never be wrong folks.

Classic Fish & Chips (IDR 68.5K++)
Moving on to Fish & Chips, this classic & historical dish gonna kicking your mouth for sure. The crispiness layer on the outside along with the soft & smooth layer on the inside absolutely perfect to be your option. While having that fish, you can simply added an additional mayonnaise sauce to increase the flavour of it. Fish & Chips will served with a side of shoestring fries.

Crispy Calamari Ring (IDR 48.5K++)
If you visit this place with a group of people, then side dishes gonna be your very best excuses to share! This crunchy calamari with a simple seasoning of it, gonna make you addicted while you served it with the mayonnaise sauce. Grab it yours!

Ice Lemongrass Tea (IDR 12.5K++)
Are you looking for a refreshing twist to feed your thirst?! Well, this lemongrass tea should be your perfect answer folks. A fresh of lemongrass blend with an ice tea gonna fill up your hot & sunny day for sure. 

Overall, it's just a very great choice to have a lunch meeting or even a family dinner here. There are not so many seafood restaurants with appetizing dishes at a minimum cost of IDR 40K - IDR 250K, but Mr. Crabby does. So this is the right time for you to taste a premium seafood dishes with cool and nice ambience all the time. Right folks?!

Personal recommendation & opinion:
Crab vs Prawn. Which one should i choose?!

Mr. Crabby
Jl. Muara Karang Blok D7 Barat No. 69
Jakarta Utara
RSVP: (+6221) - 6610058
Price Estimate: IDR 150K++ / Pax
Operational Hours: 
10.00am - 22.00pm (Monday - Sunday)
Closed on Tuesday


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Qi Lounge - Premium Chinese Dishes with Wonderful Ambience!

Qi Lounge is Nan Xiang Group specialized in Dim Sum Collection along with Chinese Cuisine. Following the success of this previous one, Nan Xiang Group offer a new concept for their new member that served authentic Dim Sum Collection fused by Cozy Ambience all over the time. 

The interior is modern and minimalist with nostalgic touch from young cafe perspective. Especially every 09.00pm - Midnight, they offer you some Live Music Performance to create a comfort yet cozy atmosphere all over the night. I just really love the way they pay attention to details and ambience. Superb interesting!

Flying Noodle (IDR 78K++)
Could you ever imagine about noodle that gonna flying in front of you? Well, this is the clue. Qi Lounge offer you this unique and healthy dishes all over the time, to create a new sensation of great dining experience. First of all, i didn't even recognise how can that noodle could fly like magic. But after i check it, finally i found the answer. Actually they use a bamboo stick on the centre of sterofoam to connect with the chopstick at the top of it. Well, to be honest this is so COOL! Moving on from the presentation, i taste the 3 different kind of noodles and basically it's all taste plain. Not too much flavour that they offer here. Maybe because the healthy concept that they said before. But overall, we eat with our eyes too, right folks?! ;)

Fried Dimsum Platter (IDR 98K++)
No more doubt to say, this one absolutely GORGEOUS! Every single things on that plate seems worth to try for. Actually my favourite is the Fried Spring Roll, it's not because the presentation. But it's all about the texture. If you taste it, you can feel a crunch sensation on your mouth mixed with delightful filling inside of it. Well, this is the main reason why i really love this place!

Rainbow Bun (IDR 48K++)
Well, to be honest this one taste great! The bun itself have a very soft layer and tasty filling on the inside of it. Actually they call this Rainbow, because the 3 different flavour that they offer to you, such as: Green Tea, Chocolate and Salted Egg. If you ask me, which one is my favourite i'm gonna answer it with the Green Tea one. Absolutely DA - YUM!

Ice Dogerz (IDR 48K++)
Apparently it taste the same with any other Es Doger outside there. Just because the unique presentation, it's gonna be stand out. But if we talk about the taste it's just standard. The good things only the ice cream that taste really fresh and creamy.

Overall, Qi Lounge definitely is a place for affordable Dim Sum Collection that served Great Ambience as well. Happy tummy youngsters!

Personal recommendation & opinion:
You MUST TRY their Fried Dimsum Platter & Rainbow Bun, absolutely STUNNING!

Qi Lounge
The Sultan Hotel Jakarta
Jl. Gatot Subroto
Lagoon Tower Exclusive Entrance
Senayan, Jakarta
RSVP: (+6221) - 5727239
Price Estimate: IDR 100.000++ / Pax
Operational Hours:
18.00pm - 01.00am (Everyday)
Closed on Sunday


Friday, July 17, 2015

AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe - Hidden Treasure for Italian Cuisine with Japanese twist!

It's been a year, AW Kitchen Pasta House has enrich culinary industry in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. Basically, this restaurant has been opened their first branch in Japan with the founder Akira Watanabe, the one who create pasta menu in the next level.  By that kind of reputation, no wonder this restaurant always full of customer every single time. 

Ta Jil
To celebrate the breakfasting month, AW Kitchen Jakarta present Ta Jil for those who come around 6.00pm to their restaurant. The Ta Jil itself, consist of Es Campur, Kurma, Candied, and Little Cookies. Well, as a sweet person, this is such a premium treat for me before try their signature dishes.! ;)

Gazpacho Shrimp Pinchos, Caponata Canape, Yellow Tail and Salmon Carpaccio
As the starter, they provide me this stunning appetizer all the time. Let's start with the baguette, actually it taste really nice. The baguette itself have a crunchy & airy texture, to make sure it baked really well. Then move on to the shrimp, it's surprisingly taste really fresh and you can feel the shrimp have a buttery, soft flavour. Also if we talk about the salmon carpaccio, actually this is the raising star of this dish. Maybe i'm not a big fan of raw food, but if you're opposite position with me, then this is gonna be your favourite for sure!

Cold Capellini with Salmon, Capers, and Lemon Sauce
This one definitely DA - BOMB! First of all, i couldn't imagine how the cold pasta served in front of me. Because as we know, pasta should be served in hot condition to boost up the fragrance. Well, it sounds really different with this. Cold Capellini with Salmon, Capers, and Lemon Sauce as known as Cold Pasta surprisingly taste so great! The pasta itself have a smooth, silky texture while the salmon and capers as the additional topping on top gonna give you a soft & chewy texture for this dishes. Well, no wonder if AW Kitchen (Jakarta & Japan) gonna put this menu as their Signature Dishes. If you explain this menu in front of me, well you're success to makes me feel craving all the time!

Black Angus Tenderloin with choice of Porcini
Sorry guys, this one definitely MINE! Oops. I mean this one absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS! I wouldn't explain more about this, as you can see this medium rare cooked steak have a tender and juicy layer for every single bites of it. Especially that golden brown sauce on top create an aromatic and boost up the flavour for sure. I'm a big fans of steak, and here is another recommendation for you guys! 

Overall, AW Kitchen Jakarta have a premium Italian cuisine with Japanese twist. I really enjoyed all the food that they served me here. Especially the steak and the cold pasta, it's absolutely entertaining all the time. So, let's try youngsters!

Personal recommendation & opinion:
Cold Pasta & Black Angus Tenderloin always be my favourite!

AW Kitchen Jakarta
Plaza Senayan CP409 (Level. P4)
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Jakarta Pusat, 10270
RSVP: (+6221) - 5790 6071
Price Range: IDR 100K - IDR 250K/ Pax
Operational Hours:
11.00am - 10.00pm (Sunday - Thursday)
11.00am - 10.30pm (Friday and Saturday)