Sunday, April 12, 2015

Food Photography Workshop - Bakerzin Summarecon Mal Serpong!

Hello guys! I'm back for the second Food Photography Workshop which is happened in Bakerzin Summarecon Mal Serpong 2. In this workshop i've got more than 30 participants and i'm more than happy to meet all of you who came to this event as well. Especially i'm quite interesting to do a new things and learn something new by meet and greet with all of you. Also FYI... For this Food Photography Workshop i already show you how to get a good and best food photos in just a minute without any difficult styling or difficult angle as well. So for all of you who came to this event, i bet you already know my tips & trick as well. And for you who don't, just wait for my next workshop. I'll let you know later guys. Cheers! ;)

Poster (*suddenly excited!*)

Before i start my workshop, I already have some banner which is my media partner and sponsor already create this for me. And i'm quite happy for it. It looks really simple but quite informative as well. So that already reach my standard as well. Then as you know this workshop capacity is limited, so to help some people who love to see and enjoy my workshop, I do the regram project on my Instagram. Simply regram this poster and put some unique caption which is tell me the reason why you deserve to attend my workshop and for 2 lucky winners will get the special ticket to join my workshop. Quiet simple right? After the short period of time, finally i announce all the lucky winner and start this workshop as well. Let's do this! :D

First Session (Introduction + Basic Skills)

Before i start my photoshoot session, I give some introduction about Food Photography from my opinion and teach some basic skills to do the good Food Photography as well with or without any styling. I'll reveal one out of 6 basic skills to do the good Food Photography is to know the RIGHT ANGLE. So many people taking picture of a food in wrong angle. Let me tell you the right one. Actually there are so many angle that we can apply to do the Food Photoshoot, which is: 90 degrees (bird's eye), 45 degrees - 60 degrees (side shot), and 180 degrees (human's eye). You must know what is your object during the photoshoot, if your object is so many (*i mean more than one object*), you can use 90 degrees angle which is bird's eye to tell people about your table situation. But if your object is like dessert, coffee, tea or maybe cake which is contain a lot of layer that you wanna show up, you can't do the 90 degrees angle. So what you can do is find another angle to capture it, and in my opinion 45 degrees - 60 degrees is the right angle to do this. Also for 180 degrees angle you can use it to capture a big object, like burger or sandwich which is people already notice your object and all you need to do is just capture it.

Second Session (Photoshoot Practice)

After i do the introduction and teach some basic skills to do a good Food Photography, now it's time to PRACTICE! I look at my audience face, and they feel excited to do the practice, SO DO I! :D Most of them ask me how to do it, my opinion about their food photos and goes on. I'm really glad to help you guys. You are such my teacher now and later. So, back to basic i will invite all the audience to practice photoshoot in this workshop. And as i can see so many audience put some good respond and good effort as well on me also some of them told me that they really want to do a practice more and more after attend my workshop. YEYYY! That's my target and achievement by the way. I just want to inspire and motivate people to do much better than mine. Because i'm still learning until now. And as you can see, all of the pictures that i post here is all belongs to mine. I'm more than happy to share it with you. The one things that i & you need to do now is... "PRACTICE AND LEARN!" Because without that 2 keywords, you wouldn't never as good as the other and you will never try something new which is probably your passion. So believe in yourself and stay positive guys!

At the end of this review, I just wanna say,
"Thank you for all the Media Partners, Sponsor, also Participants who help me and fully supported me to do this Food Photography Workshop as well. Especially RedMagz, Oxone Online, and Tropicana Slim who give me an opportunity to do this workshop. I'm more than happy to share all my knowledge in Food Photography with all of you. And in the next workshop, I'll create brand new concept and material to make it more familiar with you guys. So, make sure to attend my next workshop and don't forget to check out my Instagram to get the latest updates about Food Photography. See you in the next event guys! :D"

Food = 7.5/10
Ambience = 8.0/10
Service = 8.0/10
Hygiene = 7.5/10

Summarecon Mall Serpong
Lt. Ground, Downtown Walk
Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong
Hotline / RSVP: (021) - 2970498, ext: 264
Dresscode: -
Operational Hours: 10.00am - 00.00am (Sunday - Thursday)
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