Sunday, March 1, 2015

#EatandStructure Logo - New Spirit, New Vision, New #EatandStructure!

Hello guys! First of all i just wanna say... THANK YOU! for all of you who always support and help #eatandstructure growing up day by day until now. After do some research in the past few weeks, trial and error in the past few days, and a lot of conversation also discussion with my foodie fellas also my lovely family as well....FINALLY I CREATE #EatandStructure NEW LOGO! :D #smileofjoy #feelblessed. Somehow, i was wondering if I can create better logo and brand new movement for #EatandStructure, especially for you guys. And finally... I CAN MAKE IT! :) . Could you imagine what is #EatandStructure new logo? Stay calm! I will reveal the truth now. Tadaaaaa......

Circle Logo! :0

Square Logo! :D

Actually i create this logo in one concept, which is define #EatandStructure tagline as well. When people say about #EatandStructure, that's mean they just think about food, ambience, structure, texture, building, nature, and any other things in this world. Every aspect that i told earlier could be compacted into one tagline: eat, lifestyle, and passion as well. Eat mean FOOD which is many kind of food in this world that we can explore everyday. Lifestyle mean AMBIENCE, NATURE, BUILDING, HUMAN, FASHION and etc, which is every people in this entire world could do and find their own lifestyle with or without their own inspirator as well #justdoit. Then the last word is, Passion mean YOU. You is the one who can capture every moment in life and turn it into a photography. So.....THAT'S ALL! I think all of you already get more closer with #eatandstructure now, and later #eatandstructure will share everything that you like to find and try in this entire world. 

Also, here is a bonus picture for #EatandStructure new logo that fit into my personal photographs. Enjoyy! :D


Once again...THANK YOU! for all your help and support guys, #eatandstructure couldn't be like this without all of you in my life. Also i'm thankful to find and create this new logo, but mostly GOD without him i'd have nothing else to be thankful for. Hopefully #eatandstructure now and then could inspire you about daily food, lifestyle and everything which is positive in this world that we could explore and share it everyday. Let's grow up together and always love #eatandstructure. Cheers! =D



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