Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Caffeine Dispensary - Premium coffee joint with huge spaces!

Located strategically along Kelapa Gading area, The Caffeine Dispensary is a premium coffee shop with huge yet fancy spaces. Walk in to the indoor area, you will see a minimalist concept of interior design fused by the thematic idea from Singapore popular coffee joint called - Revolution Coffee. Actually they are owned by one coffee counsellor called Adjie. He born in Jakarta, but now already moving to Singapore for more than 20 years. Continuing his success in Revolution Coffee, now he got some idea to open a very new branch in Jakarta with similar concept and unique accessories - The Caffeine Dispensary. I haven't got a chance to visit his coffee shop in Singapore area until now, but probably in the next month i'll try it. But honestly, this area is totally impress me so damn much!

If you follow some Food & Lifestyle Bloggers on Instagram lately, chances area, you would have seen a pretty similar coffee shop like this in many countries, especially Singapore. That iconic huge spaces with less table setting and simple lightning, this coffee shop is dedicated for non - commercial used. They have a large coffee machine (If you ever heard about Strada, La Marzocco USA, or many more) and a spaces for cupping session. To be honest, this coffee shop is simply amazing. They have a simple light bites, lot selection of coffee cup and a coffee accessories (Probably glass, V60, and the other).

Espresso White (Espresso + Milk)
3 oz (IDR 25K)
5 oz (IDR 25K)
7 oz (IDR 30K)

Less is stronger! Did you know a small amount of that number means your cup of coffee would taste pretty much bold and intense?! To be honest, i'm quite surprise to find their menu. Since in any other coffee shop always have to said cappucino, or maybe latte on their menu. This hip coffee joint wouldn't do the same anymore. They just follow an iconic coffee menu in any other countries to make it more interesting for you folks. If you ask me to answer the definition of 3oz, 5oz, or 7oz, well it's just a number of milk level in your cup. So, for those who are loving a cup of coffee which is bold and strong, i think 3oz should be really suitable with you. But if you love the light one, then 7oz could be your answer.

Iced Latte Gula Jawa (IDR 45K)
Never ask for white sugar syrup, since they won't used it anymore! But no need to be worry anymore, since they used a gula jawa for replaced that white sugar syrup. Probably it will create a different sweetness level also could be influencing the whole flavour of your coffee, but surprisingly i'm pretty enjoyed while taste it. The coffee is much stronger here, while the right amount of milk level could balance the main flavour of it. Pretty great!

Smoked Beef & Cheese (IDR 55K)
Move on to the main course section, actually they only served you 3 different kind of menu in that categories. Despite the fact it sounds so minimum and less, i do recommend you to taste this. A beautifully cooked croissant served with smoked beef and cheese. I do love the crispiness level of that croissant while the other topping has been dominate the whole flavour on your mouth. Simple but pretty entertaining!

To be honest though, i do enjoyed every single things here. They have a great concept of coffee shop and a unique trademark to impress every people who comes in to this place. Also every single cup that they served here is up to the standard. So, if you are looking for a nice space with great coffee section and some cool baristas, then this coffee joint should be your next destination. Must try folks!

The Caffeine Dispensary
Jl. Kelapa Kopyor Raya Blok 01 No. 16
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara
RSVP: (021) 452 01 09
Price Estimate: IDR 50K / Pax
Operational Hours:
11.00am - 09.00pm (Everyday)


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Coffee Kulture - Welcome to the home of Baoger!

Caffeine game is getting stronger now. Every single area of Jakarta has been filled with new coffee shop and most of them is unique. Me recently got a chance to taste this not - so - new coffee shop in our cityscape - Coffee Kulture. Actually my blogger friend called Natasya behind currently work there as a guest chef who create an extraordinary dishes like no other - Baoger. Basically baoger is a burger but the unusual things here is that bun comes from bao bun. Her talent in cooking and pastry is absolutely great. Have you checked it yet?

Walk in to this area and couldn't get enough myself to take a lot of picture here. The ambience is so nice. Natasya said this typical concept is comes from famous interior designer, who create some thematic design of coffee joint in Bali and some city as well. A rustic yet classic interior design has been applied into this coffee shop. I do think it's warmth and comfort enough to stay.

The Smokey Pork (IDR 69K)
A combination between minced pork, kyuri, onion, and sunny side up absolutely brilliant. Whenever you bite it, you will feel a four different layer that blend well in your mouth. Technically the pork is nicely cooked. I do love the smokiness flavour of it that has been sealed on the outter layer of it. Also it full of spices and seasonings. So, you no need to be worry about the flavour anymore. Also some additional topping is not really recommended during this time. Just enjoy the original version of it folks!

The Ultimate (IDR 69K)
MUST TRY! Possibly the best burger that i've ever taste lately. A 100gr real beef patty served with sprinkled onion, kyuri, bacon and two different mayo sauce absolutely stunning. This typical composition is something that couldn't go wrong. Whenever you bite it, the juiciness of that beef mixed with the crunchiness of that bacon along the creaminess of that mayo gonna be reveal on your mouth. Honestly, my friend Natasya is so brilliant when create this. For some people maybe it sounds so simple, but for me it's not as simple as that. You need some experience and talent to create some delightful dishes like this.

Hot Latte (IDR 35K)
I'm a caffeine fanatic and that's why i'm a lil bit picky when it comes with latte or even coffee. Honestly their latte is quite strong, less acidity but it's remarkable. For some people who not really concern about presentation, i do think this latte is suit you well.

Overall, there's so many reason why i love this place. But honestly, the food and their beverage it's just taste nice. The server also the barista is quite friendly and the ambience that they have here is pretty satisfying to chill and relax. Also they have some pretty fast wi - fi access. So, for every young entrepreneurs like me, this typical coffee shop is my favourite destination all the time.

Coffee Kulture
Baywalk Mall Garden TG05
Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu 1 No. B1
RSVP: (021) - 296 21 281
Price Range: IDR 80K - IDR 100K / Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)


Filosofi Kopi - A story behind every single cup of latte!

Continuing the successful story behind the artificial movie called "Filosofi Kopi" that has been played  in cinema all around Asia, now Filosofi Kopi back in the cityscape of Jakarta with brand new cover. Located more further in Bintaro area - South Jakarta, this coffee joint has attract me to pay a visit to their store (PS: As you know, the first store located in Melawai - South Jakarta). Let's check it out!

A pretty simple coffee shop with not - so - many accessories. Possibly this coffee shop is dedicated for every single person who really concern about a good quality of coffee. Not a fancy place, but it's simply comfort and i saw many people love to stay a lil bit longer at this area.

Greentea Latte (IDR 25K)
Somehow the definition of good green tea latte is quite confusing, since every single people has a different standard about green tea flavour. But for me, the one that Filosofi Kopi served here is pretty good. Not too sweet, high level of milk, and simply warmth. I do love the green tea powder has leave a remarkable movement on my tongue. That's mean that green tea has a good little texture.

Red Velvet Latte (IDR 28K)
I spent my time here with my best friends. Actually my friend is a typical person who love to try something new and for her the Red Velvet Latte is something that is unusual. I do agree with her. Since there are not many coffee joint who served this. Basically this Red Velvet Latte is pretty sweet. If you order this, do not put any additional sugar. Because i do think the sweetness level of it is pretty high. 

Churros (IDR 20K)
Every single coffee shops nowadays always served some good selection of light bites. Me recently try the Churros one and honestly it taste so GREAT! The good way to eat this is simply grab the churro and dipped it into the dark chocolate sauce. All the sweetness, the crispiness and the chocolate flavour will be blend well in your mouth. Absolutely must try!

There is some essential part in any coffee shops nowadays which is a high standard of coffee also a pretty nice ambience. For me, Filosofi Kopi has a good quality of coffee and a simple area to enjoy the coffee. Probably it's not really suit my standard, but it's totally worth to visit this place. Affordable price is the biggest point of this coffee joint.

Filosofi Kopi
Jl. Bintaro Utama I Blok F2 No. 5
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Price Estimate: IDR 30K / Pax
Operational Hours: 
4.00pm - 11.00pm (Everyday)


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pigeonhole Coffee - The ultimate coffee shop with monochromatic view!

Jakarta is filled with good cafe nowadays. People usually spent their free time mostly in the coffee shops. They love to sipping great coffee, finding some nice ambience and enjoying the high - speed internet access. Pigeon Hole Coffee is a new coffee joint hosted by young entrepreneurs who has a passion in F&B Industry. I do love the whole concept of it. It seems like they take this business opportunity seriously. 

A combination between white interior design and wooden furniture is never be wrong. Every single part of this area is totally wonderful and create a monochromatic effect into your picture. For those who are loving to take a selfie, i think this area is suit you well.

Hot Cappucino (IDR 30K)
Possibly their coffee is quite strong rather than other. I can feel the aromatic fragrance when it served right in front of me and that gorgeous latte art on top is definitely looks so Instagenic. As a caffeine junker, this type of coffee is suit me well. 

Hot Chocolate (IDR 30K)
Friend of mine is not really suitable with their coffee, so their pretence goes to Hot Chocolate. Probably their Hot Chocolate is a typical beverage that anyone couldn't resist for. It's simply warm, full of chocolate and not so milky. Your relaxing moment should be start with this.

Croissant (IDR 30K)
Their croissant is the one that entertain me for a while. It's crispy on the outside and soft at the core. A simple way to enjoy this croissant is by having it with a butter cube. The aroma of that croissant mixed with the original flavour of the butter is definitely impressive.

Chicken Pie (IDR 32K)
My friend recently order the Chicken Pie at this coffee joint. The presentation is pretty simple. They won't add some additional topping, since it's already tasty and full of filling. I do love the main texture of it. Crispy and thick.

The smart way to enjoy a sufficient amount of caffeine while browse your utilities using high - speed internet access is absolutely right here - Pigeonhole Coffee. The whole area is totally nice, it's simply create a very comfort atmosphere. Since the waiter and barista have a good manner to served every customer, i do love this coffee shops much. Tell me how you think after visit this place! 

Pigeonhole Coffee
Jl. Merpati IV No. 20
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
RSVP: (0857) 777 79 175
Price Estimate: IDR 60K / Pax
Operational Hours:
08.00am - 07.00pm (Saturday - Thursday)
08.00am - 11.00am, 2.00pm - 7.00pm (Friday)


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Shirokuma - Christmas Wonderland!

Christmas season is here! Strolling around the city and my search for a good Christmas dessert finally end here. Probably there is so many cafe in Jakarta that served holiday theme cake or even sweets, but none of them is over - creative like them - Shirokuma.

Christmas Dessert Plate
If you think this season is a perfect time to have any cute dessert with a delicious and sweet flavour, i do recommend you this - Christmas Dessert Plate. A combination between matcha ice cream, vanilla pannacota, green tea brownies, and santa strawberry definitely works well in your mouth. I do love the matcha ice cream which is very tasty but less sweet. Also the pannacota have a good - brilliant texture, smooth on the core and soft on the outside. Probably the only weakness here is the brownies. It's totally dense and hard sometimes. But overall it taste pretty good.

Christmas Tree Parfait
The best way to enjoy this holiday season is by having Christmas Tree Parfait. The sugar cane is so fluffy. While the vanilla ice cream definitely smooth and milky. I do love the simple combination between both of them. Also the presentation is too adorable for sure. Simply entertaining!

Christmas Panda Cone
Whenever you feel bored with the common dessert, i do think Christmas panda Cone could be your another option. It comes from a vanilla ice cream mixed with mini oreo, petite strawberry with lil cream and choco astor along with the cone. Actually it taste pretty standard. But somehow we eat our food with our eyes too, right folks? 

Galaxy Snowman
This is uber - duper cute! A soft snowman stand in the crispy waffle and covered by sweet sugarcane. When i visit their outlet on weekend, i do find many kids order this menu. It's not really surprising at all. Since this menu looks so big and adorable at the same time.

Safe Our Snowman
This one absolutely MUST TRY! Probably there are so many option to have a christmas dessert, but honestly Safe Our Snowman is definitely impressive. A great composition between vanilla ice cream, matcha sauce, matcha cookies, soft mochi and rough brownies is currently addicting. A single spoon of it will reveal the true flavour and texture of it. Not too sweet, but it's pretty complex. Great idea!

For those who are missing those Christmas dessert, feel free to visit Shirokuma in any side of our cityscape. They has several outlet until now and probably gonna expand more in the upcoming year 2016. Let's try!

Grand Indonesia Mall (West Mall Lt. 3A)
Jl. M.H. Thamrin 
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) 297 04 981 ext: 970
Price Estimate: IDR 75K / Pax
Operational Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm (Everyday)


Friday, December 25, 2015

Fiesta Nugget - Elevate the good quality of instant home cook!

Me recently feel so lazy to going out somewhere. But i do think this is a very good moment for me to practice cooking with my mom. Actually she is the expert on home cook, while i'm the senior in food review (PS: Sounds contradict? :p). When practicing home cooking, probably it should be start with the easiest one and my preference goes to Fiesta Nugget products. Actually the main reason i choose this product is because of the whole ingredients and nutrition facts behind all of it. Second things, the packaging of their product is simply nice and it's all sealed the product properly. So, no need to be worry about anything since your product is safety for cook and eat.

Fiesta Keecho
The easiest thing to cook in home is frozen food. But again, you need to choose it wisely since there is many frozen products out there without any license and won't be beneficial for our body. Different with this one, Fiesta Keecho offer you a good quality product with a combination between minced chicken and fresh shrimp along with the aromatic seaweed. I do love the crunchiness of it. Possibly, it would be nice if you enjoyed this type of product since it warm.

Spicy Chicken
Guilty pleasure folks! I do recommend you to taste this, since it's pretty simple to cook and the whole flavour of it is absolutely amazing. The chicken is so tender and juicy. Because this product already full of spices, an additional topping or even more seasonings is no needed.

Mixed Vegetable Nugget
A combination between juicy chicken filled with vegetable filling is simply entertaining. If you have some little kids or maybe for those who doesn't like veggie but need some prime nutrition from it, i do recommend you to taste this. 

Fiesta Alphabet 
My childhood memories is related to this. I always love to play with my food and somehow the only things i do with it is rearrange the name of myself. Well, that's the fun things to become a child for sure. In terms of flavour, it will be no different with the previous one. Since it comes from the juicy and tender chicken. Probably if you cooked it nicely, the crunchiness and crispiness level of it will be boost up. So far i do like this.

I do think everyone gonna love this. Home cook dimsum is pretty simple as this. The siomay itself is simply tasty and juicy. It's not overpower, but in single bites you will know the whole flavour and main ingredients of it. Pretty good!

Fiesta Cheesy Chicken with Broccoli
I'm quite surprise to know that Fiesta have this type of product. Actually i'll recommend you to have this whenever you need a practise home cooking because of the cheesy flavour of it. The whole filling of it is absolutely tasty and addicting. When i give my whole family this product and after they taste it, luckily they give some good feedback about it. That's why no more doubt to say, you should try it!

Fiesta Crispy Burger
Burger at home? Why not? It doesn't even make sense if people say Burger is a very difficult dish that need some skills to cooked it. Because Fiesta Crispy Burger proof it wrong. I can cooked it easily without any worry and surprisingly the simply topping like cheese and veggie would be works really well to be mixed with that product. Simply great!

Fiesta Chicken Loaf
Possibly the most DELICIOUS product from Fiesta Nugget. It's pretty similar like Spam but it contain no pork. So it would be safe for eat by every single community. I do cooked this product with some scrambled egg, spring onion, and fresh corn. Guess what? It taste so yum! The recipe is pretty simple. Just add a Fiesta Chicken Loaf, cut it square size and cooked it with some egg along with the spring onion also fresh corn. Simple seasonings like salt and pepper should be used with (My recommendation is two table spoon for both of it). Then, it's done! You can served it with hot rice or even chips just the way you want. 

Overall, Fiesta Nugget products is definitely impress me with every single flavour of it. It doesn't even make sense if people could resist this, since home cook is very essential nowadays and this product could be your life - safer. Just try it and get ready to be home chef for your family!

Fiesta Nugget
"Rasakan Enaknya Setiap Hari"
Jl. Ancol barat VIII No. 1
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
Order: (021) 1 500 939