Monday, December 1, 2014

Product Promotion - OOTD Models

Hello guys! Long time no see! So sorry i can't run out my blog really well last month. Because last month my schedule it's so hectic. Even it's quite tough for me to manage all my schedule day by day. Once again so sorry guys! But start from this month, i will manage the transition of my blog and the content of it . So, don't you worry anymore about your daily meal. Because i'm ready to best your best friend and let my blog be your best dining guide everyday, anywhere and everywhere! :)

Ohiyaa, talk about product promotion, last month i've got a lot of things from many online shop in instagram, especially all of it about F&B. Yeyy! I'm so happy! But in the other hand, they asked me to do the product promotion, and it's quite challenging for me to do this. Then after the product arrive at my doorstep, in my mind said, "Okayy, let's do this!". But my heart said, "Could i do that?". I was in mental turmoil at that time. I thought long and hard about what i was going to do and made my choice that i needed to find out some reference. Okay, i couldn't be fake with all of you guys. That instagram is my first reference, beside all my food magazines collection. And after get the best reference from many sources. Finally I arrange all the table, all the decoration also do the food stylish for this product promotion. For the very first time, this is my new project about product promotion, and i really enjoy it! Also i never forget to say thank you for OOTD Models that ask me to do this product promotion and entrusted me to do this.
Hopefully you can enjoy this, also love my very first food stylist project. Enjoy!

Rilakkuma with Hershey Chocolate and Choco Cheese Fillings

It's never too old to say, "This is so cute!". Okay i do this food stylist for around 2.5 hours and it's work enough. Hard work paid off guys. The texture of that cake is really soft, also that hershey chocolate which create brown background at this cake is really works for me, because it's not too sweet, and the flavour is quite balance. Beside that, the choco cheese fillings also bring you the richness of  sweet and yummy flavour that i believe all of you always looking for this. Overall, nothing goes wrong with this cake, except you haven't try this! HAHAHA =)

Teddy Bear Roll Cake with French Vanilla and Peach Fillings

Maybe it's quite messy for the very first food stylist at the previous review and picture. So for the second one, i think about the simple and beautiful concept of this product promotion. I look around my garden, and finally get the concept for this. I love the flower, despite the fact i'am a man. But it's okay, don't you worry anymore about me, because i'm such a gentlemen that you looking for (*so sorry about that! =P). Ohiya, the one thing that you should know is, this cake absolutely taste so yummy! The softness of that layer mixed up with the french vanilla and peach fillings on the inside absolutely works for me. So it's time for you to try this guys. Put your order now! And prepare yourself to get addicted with this! hahaha ;)

Taste = 8/10 
Service = 8.5/10 
Hygiene = 8/10

OOTD Models
Japanese Famous Rollcake
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Instagram: @ootdmodels
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