Monday, October 20, 2014

Legend of Noodle - The most AUTHENTHIC Jajangmyeon in Jakarta!

I've been craving for some authentic Korean comfort food for a long time ago. Actually there are so many Korean restaurants that just opened in our cityscape, but none of them could beat this. On 2013, i got a chance to visit and travel to Seoul - South Korea. A country with so many culture, ethnics and good food as well. My trip last for 2 weeks and every single day Jajangmyeon is a typical dishes that i've been looking for. Since during that time Jajangmyeon is not really famous enough in Jakarta. But now, fortunately there is one restaurant that have a pretty SIMILAR Jajangmyeon like i've ever taste in their original country - South Korea.

Jajangmyeon (IDR 55K)
I could nominate this as the most TASTIEST noodle in the entire world. How can you resist a thick and smooth noodle that served with black bean sauce, chop of chicken, and slice of onion? For me, absolutely not! The only reason this Jajangmyeon is pretty similar with the original version of it, because of that black bean sauce. Honestly that sauce is so rich of flavour, little bit thick,  intense and totally fragrant. Even the noodle itself when you mixed it, will absorb all of the flavour of that paste. Somehow i don't know why in Seoul, every single noodle stall on that area could sell this wonderful noodle in the nice and attracting way. But in Jakarta, this place is the only place that served the GREAT one!

Bimbim Naengmyeon (IDR 75K)
I go here not alone, but with my family as well. Actually on Handajani's family, i'm not the only one who loved Korean dishes unless my sister will do the same. She order Bimbim Naengmyeon and i got chance to taste it. Possibly, this typical noodle is quite good. The bimbim sauce is so rich and dominate all of the flavour of it while the noodle itself is sealed on chilled condition. The simple garnish on top did not works really well during this time. Since the original flavour of a chop of cucumber and a piece of boiled egg has been covered by the sauce as well.

Kkanpunggi (IDR 250K)
Somehow some heavy food should be balanced by an additional side dish. Kkanpunggi is a sweet and spicy chicken that served with the simple salad. Possibly, for those who are loving spicy food, this side dish could be your right decision. The chicken is cooked perfectly, it's been covered by thick flour and when you bite it all the crispiness & crunchiness will be come out in your mouth. Then the sauce is absolutely impressive. I can feel the tastiness of it, along with the spiciness as well. This typical combination is couldn't go wrong all the time.

Tangsuyuk (IDR 160K)
For those who currently resist any kind of spicy food, this typical side dish absolutely your right choice all the time. If you notice here, that chicken is not really covered by the golden brown sauce.  After trying this for more than 2 times, finally i got the answer. It's just because they want you to taste crispiness of that chicken also the juiciness of it. Whenever you combine it with the sauce, the crispiness level of it will be dropped some level, but the whole flavour of it will be boost up. That's why i recommend you to taste this folks!

There are so many reasons to love Korean comfort food. Many people told me earlier, they still stuck on Chinese food or even Indonesian food. But when i suggest them to taste here, fortunately they all love it and all the mindset about Korean dishes is suddenly change. I've been taste many Korean restaurants in Jakarta, but this place absolutely deserved your attention. Get ready to be addicted with their Jajangmyeon!

Legend of Noodle
Jl. Senopati No. 81
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) 297 04 981, ext: 331
Price Range: IDR 75K - IDR 125K / Pax
Operational Hours:
11.00am - 9.00pm (Everyday)



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