Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Penfolds Gala Tasting - Jimbaran Outdoor Lounge

First of all, thank you for Intercontinental Hotel Jakarta which has invited me to this incredible and gorgeous Penfolds Gala Tasting at Jimbaran Outdoor Lounge. It's my pleasure to attend this Wine Tasting Night and meet all of you there. Every little time spent here was memorable. So here is, the full review for this fabulous event at this month. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Fabulous Penfolds Gala Tasting Night!

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) at 22 October 2014 announces a new partnership with global wine company, Treasury Wine Estates, to offer a premium selection of wine from award-winning Australian marque Penfolds at more than 65 InterContinental hotels and resorts across Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA).

Wine Festival Connects People!

The collaboration will bring a great new selection of fine wines to hotel dinner tables and bars, enhancing dining experiences across the region. InterContinental guests also can expect exciting new programmes and events specially tailored for the wine connoisseur in them, including exclusive wine flights, access to rare and limited wines and a bespoke wine list to match every dining occasion in each hotel. Hotel teams at InterContinental hotels and resorts across the region will undergo training by Treasury Wine Estates to provide curated wine lists specifically tailored for each restaurant, bar and lounge in the property. InterContinental Hotels & Resorts will also have access to the entire portfolio of Penfolds wines including exclusive selections available in limited quantity. By the way, can you imagine how Penfolds start their incredible journey until now?! Here, I'll tell you a complete answer of it.

History Maker
Penfolds is one of Australia’s oldest and most iconic wineries, with a history and heritage that reflects the country’s journey from colonial settlement to the modern era. Penfolds has played a pivotal role in the evolution of winemaking in Australia – and across the world. 

The Colonial Period (1844 - 1899)

Penfolds was founded in 1844 by Dr Christopher Rawson and Mary Penfold. English immigrants, they arrived in Adelaide only eight years after it was founded as South Australia’s capital. After purchasing the ‘delightfully situated and truly valuable estate’ at Magill on the slopes of the Adelaide Hills, they planted a vineyard and established a medical surgery in the newly built stone cottage ‘The Grange’. Already wine was considered by colonial practitioners as a healthy drink. Penfolds tonic wines became so popular that a thriving wine business was soon established.
By 1881, Penfolds was producing one third of South Australia’s wine production. During the turn-of-the- century Penfolds wines reached some of the furthest corners of the British Empire. It became Australia’s largest producer of fortified wines by the time of Australia’s Federation in 1901. 

- The Empire Period (1900 - 1945)

During the empire period, Penfolds expanded its vineyards and became a household name across Australia. It exported table and fortified wines to the British Empire and its outposts.
Max Schubert – a then young inquisitive winemaker – travelled to Europe after World War II to investigate winemaking where he dreamed of making wines that would capture the imagination of wine drinkers the world over. The mission was to learn about sherry production but a side trip to Bordeaux led to the extraordinary development of Penfolds Grange and the commercialisation of dry red table wines.

- The Dynastic Period (1945 - 1989)

The birth of Grange in 1951 lead to a remarkable collection of wines that bought Penfolds worldwide recognition for their signature style, consistency and longevity. By the early 1960s Schubert oversaw the creation of ‘a dynasty of wines which may differ in character from year to year, but all bear an unmistakable resemblance and relationship to each other’. Bin 128, Bin 389 and Bin 707 and St Henri were all commercialised during this period. This signature method of winemaking, developed and refined over decades, is known as the ‘Penfolds House Style’ and is still practiced today. Under the successive chief winemakers, Don Ditter, John Duval and Peter Gago, the Penfolds collection of wines has remained true to the original blueprint

- Modern Era (1990s - Today)

During the 1990s an unprecedented number of new styles were introduced to the Penfolds collection. This was also a period of intense winemaking trials and commercial opportunity. The ‘white Grange’ project spawned the creation of Bin 144 Yattarna Chardonnay in 1995 (released in 1998). Wine trials, including the ‘experimental/homage’ Special Bin releases of 1990 Bin 90A, 1990 Bin 920 and 1996 Block 42, also led to the launch of RWT Shiraz, an ultra-fine Penfolds Barossa Shiraz, matured in French oak.

Penfolds received a long line of awards and accolades during the 2000s. In 2005 the US Wine Enthusiast magazine named Peter Gago its ‘Winemaker of the Year’ and in the same year Langton’s Classification of Australian Wine, led by Grange, recognised the history and popularity of the company’s core range of fine wines.

In more recent times 2008 Grange received a perfect score of 100 points by two of the world’s most influential wine publications, Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate and Wine Spectator magazine. In 2011 Penfolds Reserve Bin 09A Chardonnay won the International Wine Challenge Champion White Wine award. In 2013 the prestigious Wine and Spirits magazine included Penfolds as a ‘top winery of the year’, for the twenty-third consecutive year - more than any other winery in the world.

Continuing a tradition of innovation and experimentation, in 2012, Penfolds launched its highly ambitious ‘Ampoule Project’, a limited-release offering of twelve hand-blown glass ampoules, containing the celebrated 2004 Block 42 Cabernet Sauvignon. The Ampoules attracted worldwide attention and a little controversy. Pushing the boundaries of contemporary winemaking for the sake of improvement is a longstanding Penfolds traditionPenfolds enjoys a unique Australian heritage; its wines evoke an ageless generosity of spirit, craftsmanship and the beauty of the Australian landscape. As Chief Winemaker Peter Gago says; ‘the wine always come first’. It is this enduring principle and generosity of spirit, handed down by generations of winemakers, in the vineyards, the wineries and the markets, that gives Penfolds wines a unique and timeless quality

After understanding Penfolds Backgrounder, now let's take a look of their product. Dare you to try some?! 

Koonunga Hill Seventy Six Shiraz Cabernet 2012 ($17.00)

Since its first vintage in 1976, Koonunga Hill’s reputation has been built upon its affordable price, its approachability in its youth, with the potential to develop if carefully cellared. Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet is very much a reflection of the Penfolds winemaking style and philosophy. Sourced from premium vineyards across South Australia, the wine is known for its full-flavoured style always with impressive Shiraz and Cabernet fruit, firm yet well-rounded structure and balanced oak. There is no reason to doubt why the 2012 Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet cannot join an impressive list of memorable Koonunga Hill Vintages - Vintages that have cellared well, often beyond that expected, proudly Penfolds!

Wine Analysis:
Alc / Vol: 13.5%
Acidity: 6.1g/L
pH: 3.62
Colour: Dark plum with a ruby rim
Region: Multi - regional, South Australia
Penfolds Chief Winemaker: Peter Gago

Penfolds Luxury Collection (Left to Right)
1. Penfolds RWT Barossa Valley Shiraz 2012 ($175.00)
2. Penfolds St.Henri Shiraz 2011 ($95.00)
3. Penfolds Magill Estate Shiraz 2012 ($130.00)

1. Penfolds RWT Shiraz 
Penfolds RWT Shiraz presents an admirable alternative to the multi-regional sourcing and American oak maturation that are hallmarks of Grange, expressing instead, single-region Barossa Valley Shiraz matured only in French oak. The initials RWT stand for ‘Red Winemaking Trial’, the name given to the project internally when developmental work began in 1995. Naturally, now no longer a ‘Trial’ RWT Shiraz was launched in May 2000 with the 1997 vintage. Its style is opulent and fleshy, contrasting with Grange, which is more muscular and assertive. RWT is made from fruit primarily selected for its aromatic qualities and fine texture rather than sheer intensity or power of flavour. The result is a wine that helps to redefine Barossa Shiraz at the highest quality level. 

Wine Analysis:
Alc / Vol: 14.5%
Acidity: 6.9g/L
pH: 3.71
Colour: Blackness at core, magenta on rim
Region: Barossa Valley

2. Penfolds St.Henri 
Penfolds St.Henri is a time-honoured and alternative expression of Shiraz, and an intriguing counterpoint to Grange. It is unusual among high quality Australian red wines as it does not rely on any new oak. Released for the first time by Penfolds in the early 1950s (first commercial vintage 1957), it gained a new lease of life in the 1990s as its quality and distinctive style became better understood. Proudly, a wine style that hasn’t succumbed to the dictates of fashion or commerce. St Henri is rich and plush when young, gaining soft, earthy, mocha-like characters as it ages. It is matured in old, 1,460 litre vats that allow the wine to develop, imparting minimal, if any oak character. Although a small proportion of Cabernet is sometimes used to improve structure, the focal point for St Henri remains Shiraz. This 2011 vintage is 100% Shiraz. 

Wine Analysis:
Alc / Vol: 14.5%
Acidity: 6.6g/L
pH: 3.65
Colour: Deep Plum Red
Region: McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills

3. Penfolds Magill Estate Shiraz
The single vineyard Magill Estate Shiraz is intrinsically linked to Penfolds beginnings. Sourced from the original Magill Vineyard on the edge of Adelaide’s eastern suburbs (just eight kilometres from the city’s CBD), fruit is crushed, fermented and matured on-site at the original Penfolds Magill winery, established in 1844. First produced in 1983, Magill Estate Shiraz is an elegant, medium-weight style with velvety texture and fine tannins, matured in both French and American oak. It is a sleek, contemporary wine, yet crafted the original way in the 170-year-old winery: hand-picked, vinified in open fermenters and then basket pressed to complete fermentation in barrel. 

Wine Analysis:
Alc / Vol: 14.5%
Acidity: 7.5g/L
pH: 3.62
Colour: Deep red, crimson on edge
Region: Magill Estate

Additional Buffet on this event!

BBQ Party (Fish - Squid - Beef - and Chicken)

I feel so hot in there, but the taste it's so yummy! 

Duck Confit

It's so simple and mouthwatering! 

Chocolate Cashew Nut Tart

There's always a room for dessert. Do you agree?! 

Penfolds Brand Video! (Original Video)

Penfolds Wine Label
Exclusively imported by: PT. Mandiri Graha Persada
Gedung Artha Graha, 6th Floor
Jl. Jend. sudirman Kav. 52 - 53, SCBD Area
Jakarta 12190, Indonesia
Order / Business Inquiry: (021) 5151911
Fax: (021) 5151908
Contact Person: Hermansyah Rasyid, Meinah Widjaja, Leo Christian


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ellexito Eatery & Pastry - Kemang

Ellexito Eatery & Pastry adalah tempat makan khas Western fused by Local taste. Sebuah konsep tempat makan yang cukup unik, dimana pada tempat makan ini dihadirkan sebuah cita rasa makanan khas Indonesia, namun dengan presentation ataupun ingredients khas Western yang kental dan identik. Konsep seperti ini diadopsi oleh owner Ellexito Eatery & Pastry yang sudah terjun di bidang culinary industry untuk waktu yang cukup lama. Sehingga pengalaman dan juga pengetahuan yang cukup dalam bidang culinary industry ini mampu menghadirkan sebuah ide ataupun konsep tempat makan yang sangat berbeda daripada biasanya. Lokasi Ellexito Eatery & Pastry ini terletak di daerah Jakarta Selatan, menjadikan tempat makan yang satu ini cukup strategis untuk dikunjungi oleh para customer yang bertempat tinggal di daerah ibukota Jakarta, terutama berlokasi di daerah Jakarta Selatan & Jakarta Pusat tentunya. Keunggulan daripada Ellexito Eatery & Pastry disini selain daripada konsep menu hidangan yang unik dan juga menarik, ditawarkan juga sebuah konsep Interior Design yang artistic dan juga classic untuk menghadirkan sensasi bersantap siang ataupun bersantap malam yang sangat menyenangkan tentunya. Kemudian terdapat juga berbagai pilihan Pastry yang lezat dengan harga terjangkau untuk melengkapi menu bersantap kalian di Ellexito Eatery & Pastry disini. Selanjutnya Ellexito Eatery & Pastry ini beroperasi mulai pukul 10.00am - 22.00pm (Sunday - Monday). Waktu operasi seperti ini sangat cocok sekali untuk dijadikan pilihan rekomendasi kalian untuk bersantap siang ataupun bersantap malam yang berkualitas di daerah selatan Jakarta.

First of all, let's take a look of their Interior Design. Simply classic and artistic!

Now, let's move to their Signature Dishes which is unique and gorgeous. 

Green Woku Chicken Fettucine (IDR 48.000++)

Green Woku Chicken Fettucine adalah menu hidangan khas Western dengan sentuhan cita rasa khas Indonesia yang identik. Melihat daripada segi texture Fettucine disini yang tentunya diolah dengan cara yang tepat hingga menghasilkan sebuah texture Pasta yang kenyal namun tetap moist berpadu dengan bumbu - bumbu khas lokal dan juga gaya memasak asli Indonesia, menghadirkan sebuah cita rasa hidangan yang tentunya unik dan berbeda daripada biasanya. Salah satu keunikan lain daripada menu hidangan Green Woku Chicken Fettucine disini adalah cita rasa Woku Chicken yang cukup pedas dan gurih dengan ditambah sauce santan berwarna putih yang tidak hanya meningkatkan cita rasa menu hidangan yang satu ini, namun juga mempercantik menu hidangan Green Woku Chicken Fettucine disini. Absolutely stunning! 

Salted Egg Spaghetti (IDR 65.000++)

Salted Egg Spaghetti adalah menu hidangan khas Western bergaya kuliner Indonesia dengan cita rasa yang kaya akan rasa dan tentunya mengagumkan. Teknik memasak yang sangat baik akan sangat jelas terlihat daripada menu hidangan yang satu ini, dimana texture Spaghetti yang halus dan kenyal diolah dengan bumbu - bumbu dan rempah - rempah asli Indonesia yang beraroma pekat, lalu dipadukan dengan Telor Asin yang kemudian akan terasa sangat intense dalam menu hidangan yang satu ini, dan juga potongan Udang segar yang digoreng dengan metode deep - fried hingga terasa crispy dan crunchy adalah bagian daripada masterpiece Ellexito Eatery & Pastry disini. No more doubt to try this. This one absolutely #eatandstructure favourite!

Rice Burger (IDR 55.000++)

Rice Burger adalah menu hidangan yang tampil dengan presentation yang cantik dan juga kaya akan rasa. Keunikan pertama yang dapat kalian perhatikan disini adalah texture Nasi Hijau yang berasal daripada beras ketan yang diberikan essence berwarna hijau terasa sangat pulen dan juga sticky. Selanjutnya dipadukan dengan Beef Teriyaki yang cukup gurih dan beraroma harum terasa cukup menyatu dan juga balanced daripada segi rasa. I think you gonna love this presentation by the way!

Beef Rendang Steak (New Menu!)

Beef Rendang Steak disini menghadirkan potongan Beef Steak yang sangat tender dan juga juicy untuk dipadukan dengan bumbu Rendang yang tentunya gurih dan enak. Texture Beef Steak yang baik ini berasal daripada pengolahan daging sapi cincang dengan cara yang sesuai lalu dibumbui dan dimasak dengan tingkat kematangan yang tepat hingga menghasilkan sebuah texture yang tentunya kita idam - idamkan ini. Hal lain yang cukup unik disini adalah potongan Onion Ring berukuran cukup tebal dengan texture yang crunchy dan crispy siap menggugah selera makan anda. Lalu tersedia juga Side Dish berupa French Fries yang berukuran tebal dengan potongan Sayur yang fresh untuk dipadukan dengan Beef Rendang Steak disini. You should try this! 

Red Velvet (IDR 30.000++)

Red Velvet adalah salah satu menu Kue favourite di Ellexito Eatery & Pastry disini. Texture Red Velvet yang cukup mengembang dan juga padat ini adalah salah satu alasan mengapa para customer menyukai jenis Kue yang satu ini, selain daripada cita rasa manis dan penampilan yang cantik daripada Kue Red Velvet yang ditawarkan disini. Penggunaan cream cheese sebagai pembatas antara setiap layer Kue Red Velvet ini tampil cukup brilliant dan mampu menghasilkan sebuah cita rasa yang gurih dan juga enak. Absolutely stunning!

Mango Yoghurt Pannacota (IDR 22.000++)

Mango Yoghurt Pannacota adalah alternatif pilihan menu Dessert yang layak anda coba di Ellexito Eatery & Pastry disini. Texture Pannacota yang totally creamy dengan cita rasa Yoghurt yang kental dan juga balanced dipadukan dengan layer of Mango Jam dan juga Cookies Crumble diatasnya terlihat sangat menyatu dan tampil sangat menawan disini. It's so sweet and so simple!

Set of Desserts (Left to Right)
Strawberry Cheese Cake (IDR 35.000++)
Royal Classic (IDR 35.000++)
Tiramisu Bar (IDR 35.000++)

Set of Desserts menghadirkan sebuah kolaborasi beberapa jenis menu pilihan Kue dengan cita rasa dan juga penampilan masing - masing yang cukup unik serta menarik. Dimulai dari texture Strawberry Cheese Cake dengan 3 buah layer yang cukup tebal diantaranya: Cookies Crumble, Cheese Cake, dan juga Strawberry Topping. Dimana perpaduan 3 buah layer disini dengan komposisi yang tepat dan juga tingkat kemanisan yang sesuai menjadikan Strawberry Cheese Cake disini layak kalian coba. Kemudian beralih kepada Royal Classic dengan cita rasa akan coklat yang cukup intense. Bagi kalian yang menyukai Kue Coklat dengan aroma dan juga cita rasa akan coklat yang sangat pekat, rasanya kue Royal Classic disini akan sangat cocok sekali menjadi pilihan kalian setiap waktunya. Lalu yang terakhir adalah Tiramisu Bar dengan cita rasa bolu beraroma Tiramisu halus yang terasa sangat lembut dan juga manis dalam setiap potongannya. Sebuah cita rasa yang manis dan juga lezat akan anda temukan disini. For me, all of this should be classy and fabulous! And talk about the best one, it depends on your own opinion. But for me, I'll come back for their Tiramisu Bar. It taste so yummy!

Ellexito Eatery & Pastry
Jl. Kemang 1 No. 12A
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan
RSVP: (021) 71793081
Price Range: IDR 85.000 - 125.000/Pax
Operational Hours: 11.00am - 11.00pm
Dresscode: - 


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Born Ga - Korean comfort food in the next level!

There are so many rumours that Korean food industry in Jakarta gonna be expanded at the end of 2015, and i do believe that. Since there are more than 20 different Korean restaurants that just opened in our cityscape at the last quarter of 2015. Despite the fact we get so many option to have any typical Korean dishes, i do think that Born Ga is deserved your attention. A lovely brand that originally brought from South Korea to Jakarta. On the original country itself, Born Ga has been known for their famous BBQ specialty. Check this out folks!

Once i came in to this place, the crowd is so insane. There are so many waiting list name on the board and fortunately i already do some reservation before i came in. Actually the place is not really decorated for fancy or even classic atmosphere. The wooden furniture with a little touch of rustic interior design has been create a casual dining experience for every customer. Possibly this place is pretty big and it could be serving for 80 - 100 pax at the same moment.

Manshinchang Samgyeopsal (IDR 130K / min. 2 pieces per serving)
Fine cut meat that dedicated for every meat lovers. Possibly the most common meat that we ever seen in any Korean restaurants. But the main differences between their meat and another is located on the texture of it. Possibly in many Korean restaurants, their meat is quite dry and not really tasty. But the one that Born Ga served here is absolutely juicy, moist and rich of flavour. Even you can eat the meat without any additional sauce.

Woo Samgyup (IDR 190K / min. 2 pieces per serving)
The best and most famous menu from South Korea. Woo Samgyup is a thinly sliced beef brisker dressed with Born Ga special sauce. For me this one absolutely impressive. Look at that meat. The fat layer has been calculate effectively in case to get moist and juicy texture. Even the meat itself already full of spices and really tasty. Possibly the only meat that i couldn't resist for!

Japchae (IDR 130K)
A stir fried beef, vegetable and glass noodle absolutely magnificent. In Korea, they served Japchae as a side dish and mostly they didn't put it on their menu. But to make it more commercial in Indonesia, they has been added a lil touch of modification to make it more complex and delightful as a proud menu of Bornga. I think every single customer on that area will order this, since the price compare with the flavour is definitely affordable.

Budae Jigae (IDR 250K)
For those who are looking for a hot and spicy stew, i do think Budae Jigae is your right decision. A combination between kimchi, ham, sausages, cheese, yellow noodle and some additional vegetables definitely impressive. I do love the complexity of this dish along with the mild flavour of it. Actually they gonna cooked this right in front of you in case to keep it warmth and hot. Possibly it's too big to enjoy this dish alone, so sharing is recommended. Could be served for around 3 - 4 people. Sharing means caring, right folks?

Overall, i do love this area so much. They have a pretty good Korean dishes along with unique ambience. Probably they food is not cheap at all, you need to spend a little bit more here rather than any other typical Korean restaurants. But for me it's worth it enough. Since quality means everything for me. I do recommend you this folks!

Born Ga
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 24
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) 739 62 29 / 723 30 24
Price Range: IDR 100K - IDR 150K / Pax
Operational Hours:
11.30am - 10.30pm (Everyday)


Monday, October 20, 2014

Legend of Noodle - The most AUTHENTHIC Jajangmyeon in Jakarta!

I've been craving for some authentic Korean comfort food for a long time ago. Actually there are so many Korean restaurants that just opened in our cityscape, but none of them could beat this. On 2013, i got a chance to visit and travel to Seoul - South Korea. A country with so many culture, ethnics and good food as well. My trip last for 2 weeks and every single day Jajangmyeon is a typical dishes that i've been looking for. Since during that time Jajangmyeon is not really famous enough in Jakarta. But now, fortunately there is one restaurant that have a pretty SIMILAR Jajangmyeon like i've ever taste in their original country - South Korea.

Jajangmyeon (IDR 55K)
I could nominate this as the most TASTIEST noodle in the entire world. How can you resist a thick and smooth noodle that served with black bean sauce, chop of chicken, and slice of onion? For me, absolutely not! The only reason this Jajangmyeon is pretty similar with the original version of it, because of that black bean sauce. Honestly that sauce is so rich of flavour, little bit thick,  intense and totally fragrant. Even the noodle itself when you mixed it, will absorb all of the flavour of that paste. Somehow i don't know why in Seoul, every single noodle stall on that area could sell this wonderful noodle in the nice and attracting way. But in Jakarta, this place is the only place that served the GREAT one!

Bimbim Naengmyeon (IDR 75K)
I go here not alone, but with my family as well. Actually on Handajani's family, i'm not the only one who loved Korean dishes unless my sister will do the same. She order Bimbim Naengmyeon and i got chance to taste it. Possibly, this typical noodle is quite good. The bimbim sauce is so rich and dominate all of the flavour of it while the noodle itself is sealed on chilled condition. The simple garnish on top did not works really well during this time. Since the original flavour of a chop of cucumber and a piece of boiled egg has been covered by the sauce as well.

Kkanpunggi (IDR 250K)
Somehow some heavy food should be balanced by an additional side dish. Kkanpunggi is a sweet and spicy chicken that served with the simple salad. Possibly, for those who are loving spicy food, this side dish could be your right decision. The chicken is cooked perfectly, it's been covered by thick flour and when you bite it all the crispiness & crunchiness will be come out in your mouth. Then the sauce is absolutely impressive. I can feel the tastiness of it, along with the spiciness as well. This typical combination is couldn't go wrong all the time.

Tangsuyuk (IDR 160K)
For those who currently resist any kind of spicy food, this typical side dish absolutely your right choice all the time. If you notice here, that chicken is not really covered by the golden brown sauce.  After trying this for more than 2 times, finally i got the answer. It's just because they want you to taste crispiness of that chicken also the juiciness of it. Whenever you combine it with the sauce, the crispiness level of it will be dropped some level, but the whole flavour of it will be boost up. That's why i recommend you to taste this folks!

There are so many reasons to love Korean comfort food. Many people told me earlier, they still stuck on Chinese food or even Indonesian food. But when i suggest them to taste here, fortunately they all love it and all the mindset about Korean dishes is suddenly change. I've been taste many Korean restaurants in Jakarta, but this place absolutely deserved your attention. Get ready to be addicted with their Jajangmyeon!

Legend of Noodle
Jl. Senopati No. 81
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
RSVP: (021) 297 04 981, ext: 331
Price Range: IDR 75K - IDR 125K / Pax
Operational Hours:
11.00am - 9.00pm (Everyday)


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Igor's Pastry - Wijaya Outlet

Igor's Pastry adalah toko roti dan pastry yang sekaligus juga merangkap sebagai sebuah tempat makan dengan nuansa yang Modern dan Classic. Sebuah ide daripada Chef Igo yang merupakan pendiri daripada tempat makan Igor's Pastry ini adalah menghadirkan sebuah berbagai jenis pilihan roti yang sehat dan juga berkualitas. Igor's Pastry berasal daripada nama pendiri toko roti dan pastry ini yaitu Bapak Igo dan Ibu Rita yang disingkat menjadi Igor's dengan specialties menawarkan berbagai jenis pilihan roti dan pastry yang variatif dan sehat tentunya. Sehat disini berdasal daripada berbagai jenis kelebihan roti, pastry, es krim, dan juga pudding buatan Igor's Pastry disini, yakni: sugar free, egg free, gluten free, kasein free, flour free, low carbohidrat and hi - fibre. Pengalaman Chef Igo selama 14 tahun di dunia Perhotelan dan Pastry menjadikan Chef Igo yakin dengan keahliannya untuk membuka usaha pertamanya ini di Surabaya. Hingga saat ini sudah terdapat 5 cabang Igor's Pastry yang tersebar di beberapa kota besar di Indonesia, yakni: Jakarta, Surabaya, dan juga Bali. Kemudian sedikit informasi penting lagi bagi kalian, bahwa Igor's Pastry ini beroperasi mulai pukul 11.00am - 23.00pm. Jadi tidak ada alasan bagi kalian untuk tidak mengunjungi dan mencicipi berbagai jenis menu hidangan yang Igor's Pastry hadirkan disini. Tidak lupa #eatandstructure juga ingin mengucapkan terima kasih yang sebesar - besarnya atas Coorporate Gathering & Food Tasting Dinner Invitation yang Igor's Pastry berikan kepada #eatandstructure. Sebuah kehormatan bagi #eatandstructure untuk menghadiri tempat makan yang baik ini dan juga mencicipi berbagai jenis menu hidangan yang Igor's Pastry miliki disini.

First of all, let's start with their Comfie and Modern Atmosphere around Igor's Pastry.

Love the ambience also the decoration. It's so Classic & High - Class! 

Setelah memahami konsep Interior Design yang Igor's Pastry hadirkan disini, sekarang saatnya kita melihat berbagai jenis menu hidangan yang Igor's Pastry tawarkan disini.

Welcome Drinks & Snacks
Ginger Lemongrass Soda Squash (IDR 35.000++)
Milano Stick with Tuna Dip (IDR 40.000++)
Cheese Twist (New Menu)
Nori Anchovy Puff (New Menu)

Welcome Drinks & Snacks adalah sebuah starter Drink dan juga Snacks yang Igor's Pastry tawarkan disini. Ginger Lemongrass Soda Squash berpadu dengan Cheese Twist, kemudian Milano Stick with Tuna Dip dan juga Nori Anchovy Puff terlihat sungguh cocok sekali disajikan sebagai hidangan pembuka yang enak dan menyegarkan. Satu hal yang cukup baik disini adalah Puff Pastry yang Igor's Pastry tawarkan disini tentunya sangat berkualitas, sehat dan juga lezat tentunya. 

Seaweed Salmon Salad with Japanese Sesame Olive Oil Dressing (IDR 55.000++)

Seaweed Salmon Salad with Japanese Sesame Olive Oil Dressing adalah menu hidangan Salad yang ditawarkan Igor's Pastry disini. Keunggulan yang menjadi salah satu sorotan utama daripada menu hidangan ini adalah penggunaan potongan Daging Salmon fresh yang diolah dengan baik dan juga Sauce yang definitely tasty and beraroma menyegarkan. Selain itu berbagai jenis potongan Sayuran fresh juga menjadi alasan hidangan tampil cukup baik sebagai menu hidangan Salad ini. You should try this! 

Double Boiled Boneless Oxtail Soup (New Menu)

Double Boiled Boneless Oxtail Soup adalah semangkuk Sup Buntut yang cantik dan lezat untuk ditawarkan oleh Igor's Pastry disini. Texture potongan Daging Iga Sapi yang diolah dengan sangat baik hingga tender dan juga moist adalah keunggulan menu hidangan yang satu ini, selain daripada texture kuah ataupun soup yang beraroma yang sedap dan gurih. 

Chicken Mushroom Puff (IDR 55.000++)

Chicken Mushroom Puff adalah menu andalan daripada Igor's Pastry yang ditawarkan disini. Puff Pastry yang crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside berpadu dengan filling Chicken Mushroom Puff yang gurih dan enak terlihat sangat menyatu. Sesuai dengan nama tempat makan ini Igor's Pastry, tidak heran apabila kualitas Pastry yang mereka tawarkan disini adalah yang terbaik. Love the texture and flavour. This one totally outstanding!

Dori Con Salsa Rosa with Tomato Cream Sauce (New Menu)

Dori Con Salsa Rosa with Tomato Cream Sauce adalah alternatif pilihan menu hidangan main course yang Igor's Pastry tawarkan disini. Texture potongan Ikan Dori yang crispy on the outside and soft on the inside adalah salah satu kelebihan daripada menu hidangan yang satu ini. Namun satu hal yang sangat disayangkan disini adalah texture Tomato Cream Soup yang terlalu thick dengan cita rasa yang over - flavour menjadikan aroma potongan Ikan Dori crispy tadi kurang terasa. Sehingga perlu dilakukan modifikasi di dalam teknik pengolahannya.

Set of Desserts 
Apple Strudel with Choice Ice Cream (IDR 40.000++)
Lemon Meringue Pie (New Menu)
Chocolate Baileys Cake (Favourite)

Set of Desserts (Apple Strudle with Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Baileys, Lemon Meringue Pie) adalah perpaduan berbagai jenis menu andalan Desserts yang Igor's Pastry tawarkan disini. Cita rasa Apple Strudle yang cukup manis dengan texture yang sedikit padat. Kemudian cita rasa Lemon Meringue Pie yang tentunya sedikit asam, namun terasa lebih beraroma segar adalah 2 jenis hidangan Desserts yang cukup populer daripada Igor's Pastry disini. Namun satu keunggulan daripada Set Desserts disini adalah Chocolate Baileys Cake. This one is so outstanding! Layer Chocolate Baileys Cake yang cukup tebal dengan cita rasa Coklat yang intens dan juga Baileys yang beraroma tentunya membuahkan hasil terbaik daripada pilihan menu hidangan Desserts yang satu ini. Nothing could compare, how much I love this Chocolate Baileys Cake. And one more things to say, this Set of Desserts definitely low carbohidrat than the other. So no more doubt to try this stunning Set Desserts at Igor's Pastry. 

Igor's Pastry
Jl. Wijaya 2 No. 122
Kebayoran Baru
RSVP: 021 - 7221063
Fax: 021 - 7263072
Price Range: Above IDR 50.000/Pax


Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Duck King - Central Park Mal

The Duck King adalah tempat makan bernuansa Chinese yang sangat kental dan identik. Pertama kali The Duck King membuka restaurant pertamanya di tahun 2003 yang berlokasi di daerah Jakarta Selatan tepatnya. Kemudian dengan kurung waktu kurang lebih 11 tahun hingga saat ini, The Duck King telah berhasil membuka 24 cabang yang tersebar di seluruh Indonesia, dimana terdapat tiga jenis konsep yang Duck King Group tawarkan dan juga berbeda satu sama lain. Walaupun begitu tidak ada satupun diantara ketiga jenis konsep tempat makan yang Duck King Group tawarkan disini sepi pengunjung. Sehingga dapat disimpulkan disini dengan tiga jenis konsep tempat makan yang Duck King Group miliki disini keseluruhannya adalah ramai dikunjungi pengunjung terutama pada hari libur dan jam santap siang maupun santap malam. Kemudian sedikit informasi yang perlu kalian ketahui juga disini adalah The Duck King beroperasi mulai pukul 11.00am - 22.00pm (Monday - Sunday). Jadi pastikan kalian mengunjungi tempat makan yang satu ini sesuai dengan waktu operasi yang mereka miliki.

Satu hal pertama yang kalian perlu pahami sekarang adalah konsep Dining Room sederhana dan oriental yang The Duck King hadirkan disini.

Simple yet Minimalist that's my own opinion. 

Kemudian untuk tahap selanjutnya, kita akan memulai dan mencicipi berbagai jenis pilihan menu hidangan yang The Duck King tawarkan disini.

Cheong Fen Udang (IDR 28.800++)

Cheong Fen Udang adalah pilihan menu hidangan Dimsum yang The Duck King tawarkan disini. Texture Cheong Fen atau boleh disebut juga Steam Rice Noodle yang berasal daripada tepung beras ini terlihat cukup kenyal dan tipis. Kemudian selanjutnya dipadukan dengan potongan Udang fresh terasa cukup menyatu dan cukup sesuai tentunya. Satu hal yang #eatandstructure sayangi disini adalah cita rasa Cheong Fen yang sedikit tawar ataupun less flavour, menjadikan Cheong Fen Udang ini tampil kurang sempurna dan perlu dilakukan modifikasi didalamnya.

Kuo Tiek Special (IDR 21.800++)

Kuo Tiek Special adalah pilihan menu hidangan appetizer ataupun Dimsum yang menjadi favourite #eatandstructure disini. Cita rasa Kuo Tiek Special ini terasa sangat enak dan lezat. Dimana texture kulit pembungkus Kuo Tiek yang tipis dipadukan dengan isian yang padat lalu diolah dengan baik adalah sebuah alasan mengapa kalian perlu mencoba menu hidangan yang satu. For me, this one absolutely outstanding! 

Cakwe Goreng (IDR 14.000++)

Cakwe Goreng adalah pilihan menu side dish sederhana yang The Duck King tawarkan disini. Texture kulit yang crunchy dan crispy adalah salah satu hal yang cukup menarik disini. Selebihnya tidak ada sesuatu yang lebih special lagi daripada Cakwe Goreng ini.

Kaki Ayam Lada Hitam (IDR 21.800++)

Kaki Ayam Lada Hitam adalah pilihan menu hidangan Dimsum yang cukup diminati oleh beberapa pengunjung di tempat makan ini. Texture Kaki Ayam yang dibumbui dengan baik terasa cukup halus dan bearoma sedap. Satu hal lagi yang perlu kalian ketahui disini adalah cita rasa Lada Hitam yang cukup intens akan kalian temukan dalam menu hidangan Kaki Ayam Lada Hitam disini. Jadi tidak heran beberapa pengunjung menyebut Kaki Ayam Lada Hitam ini terasa cukup pedas.

Mie Sui Kiaw Hongkong (IDR 44.000++)

Mie Sui Kiaw Hongkong adalah menu hidangan main course ataupun utama khas Chinese yang terlihat sangat baik daripada segi rasa dan texture. Texture Mie Kuning halus dan tipis yang direbus dengan baik kemudian dibumbui dengan berbagai jenis spice sederhana khas Chinese terasa sangat harum. Kemudian dipadukan dengan Sui Kiaw ataupun Pangsit Rebus berisi potongan Udang segar terlihat sangat cocok dan saling melengkapi. This one definitely fabulous!

Bee Hun Goreng Singapore (IDR 44.000++)

Bee Hun Goreng Singapore adalah menu hidangan main course sederhana yang The Duck King tawarkan disini. Texture Bee Hun yang diolah cukup baik dipadukan dengan potongan Udang fresh dan juga daging Chasiew yang tender memiliki cita rasa yang cukup enak dan gurih. Satu hal yang sangat disayangkan disini adalah texture Bee Hun yang sangat dry ataupun kering menjadikan menu hidangan ini tampil kurang sempurna dan perlu dilakukan modifikasi didalam pengolahannya.

The Duck King
Central Park Mal (Lt. 1 Unit 114 - 116)
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28
Jakarta 11470
RSVP: 021 - 56985620 / 21
Price Range: Above IDR 65.000/Pax